Tuesday, 14 June 2016

How To Configure Wireless Router Using IP

Configuring wireless router using does not require one to be an expert.

If you follow a few guidelines by the book, configuration of a wireless router will be a breeze.

Let us learn how to configure wireless router using

Configuring Wireless Router

The default IP address for most routers is

You need to set your computer’s IP as, subnet mask as and the default gateway as With these settings saved, you can now continue with your configuration of wireless router.

Setting Up Wireless Router

You need to connect your wireless router to a power point and switch it on. Make sure you connect the wireless modem too with the router.
  • Open the Internet browser on your computer. Type the default IP address into the address bar.
  • The router admin page will now open up and ask you to enter the username and password.
  • The default username and password are printed on the router device. Just turn it around and you will find a sticker with the default username and password.
  • The default user name is usually admin or kept blank. The password is usually admin, password or kept blank.
  • Once you enter the correct username and password you will be directed to the routers configuration page.
  • You need to go to ‘Setup Wizard’ page or ‘Wireless Section’ of the router.
  • Now, you need to select ‘Enable Wireless’ that will you connect your wireless to other devices.
  • Select default selection for scheduling wireless as ‘Always’.
  • It is now time to enter a personalized name for your Wireless Router. The Wireless Router is also called as SSID. Enter a name that does not contain any personal information or tantalizes any hacker to hack.
  • Select the WPA-Personal or WPA2 as the security type.
  • You need to enter the personal key, passkey, or password for your wireless Internet connection. The key should be at least 8 characters long with upper and lowercase alphabets, numbers and special characters.

With this basic configuration set, you are good to go. This is all you need to do when configuring wireless router using There are many other settings on the configuration settings on the router admin page. You just need to fill in these basic settings and enter a strong password. This will help you surf the Internet on your wireless enabled devices with ease.

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