Sunday, 31 January 2016

Cloud Storage Vs. Local Storage: Which is Better?

Storing data has become a concern for every tech-savvy person today. Many have started to prefer cloud storage. Yet, there are many who still vouch for local storage. If you too are confused regarding which cloud storage vs. local storage, the following points will surely convince you to choose cloud storage hands down.

Benefits of Cloud Storage over Local Storage

It is very difficult to choose from the different types of storages available. Hard drives, pen drives or the cloud? One can never get a clear answer to which is the best. However, the following points will help you understand why choosing a cloud storage will turn out to be a smart decision for you.


You will realize choosing cloud storage will turn out to be a cheaper option as compared to the local storage. You can opt for the free account offered by many companies and if you run out of space, you can buy more space. Cloud companies often offer an annual contract that turns out to be way cheaper than buying yourself a pen drive or hard disk every time they run out of space.


A pen drive can get misplaced or lost, a hard drive can get corrupted. But, data stored on the cloud is continuously backed up and there is very little chance to lose it.


Anyone can access your pen drive or hard disk. And, it is very easy to get pass your password on the desktop and check out sensitive data stored. However, on the cloud, the data is very difficult to steal. Thus, no one can use your data without your permission.


Even if you store your data on the hard disk, pen drive or an SD card, these devices need to be kept somewhere! However, the cloud is the Internet and you can carry it around the world, without actually having it with you physically. Thus, making it the most easily accessible and easy to store and carry storage device.


Your hard disc will run out of space at some point. However, with the cloud storage, you can keep extending it as much as you require. Just choose the plans offered by the cloud storage companies and continue storing data.

Automatic Synching

You can set your cloud account to automatic syncing with data on your desktop. Thus, even if you forget or don’t have the time, the data will automatically be backed up on your cloud account. Thus, the latest version your files will always be available to you, even if you are away from your desktop.


If you need to share certain files with your staff or colleagues, you no longer need to email every file you edited to multiple users. Just share the link to the file with your colleagues and every person added to the list can view, edit and save files simultaneously.

Thus, wherever you are or whenever you wish, your data can be accessed, edited, downloaded, uploaded and saved on the cloud. Thus, making cloud storage more convenient than local storage.

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