Wednesday, 4 May 2016

How to find Wi-Fi Password

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It has been ages since you had entered your Wi-Fi; password to your laptop or mobile phone. Now, that you have a new device, you cannot remember the password to help you connect it to the Internet. Or maybe you have changed your default password and do not seem to remember it. So, how to find Wi-Fi  password?
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Let us find out the solution to this simple problem.

Wi-Fi  password


Try Finding the Default Wi-Fi  Password

Many times we do not change the default password and continue using it. Manufactures have their own default passwords and many print them on the device itself.
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Just pickup your device and try locating a label over the device. This label will contain all information related to your default Wi-Fi  network password. Just enter this default password in your device. If you have not changed the default password, then the original password will help you connect the device to your Wi-Fi  network.

If you cannot locate the label on your device, then you may have to look for the manual that comes with it. It will contain the information related to your password.

Try Finding the Password Using the Windows Password Manager

If you already have a PC or laptop connected to your Wi-Fi  network, then it can help you find the Wi-Fi  password. Just look up the password on any Windows computer that is connected or was previously connected to your network.

You need to go to the Network and Sharing Center present in the Control Panel. The simplest way to reach it is by right clocking on the Wireless Network icon found on the taskbar. Click on the Open Network and Sharing Center.

Here, you need to find the name of your Wi-Fi  connection and click on it. Click on the Wireless Properties and your Wi-Fi  Status window will open up. Under the Security tab, you need to click on the box that says Show characters. This will help you uncover your hidden Wi-Fi; password.
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Try Finding the Password from Previously Connected Wi-Fi  Networks

If you had a computer or laptop that was previously connected to your Wi-Fi  network, it can be used to find your Wi-Fi  password. Go to the Network and Sharing Center and click on Manage wireless network. It is found on the left-hand panel of the Network and sharing center.

Here, you will find a list of networks your computer was connected to. Double-click on the name of the Wi-Fi  network, whose password you need to find. A new network properties window will open and you need click on the box that says Show characters. You will be able to see your Wi-Fi  password and use it connect to your new device.

Try Using Your Router Admin Page to Retrieve Your Password

If you know your login details of the router admin page, you can use it to find your password. Enter the default IP address of your router that is Enter your login name and password. Once you gain access to your router admin page, you need to look for ‘Wireless’ or ‘Wi-Fi’ section. Here, you will find Network Key, Passphrase, Pre-Shared Key, or Password. The information written next to it is your Wi-Fi  Password.

These many ways can help you find your Wi-Fi  password. They are very simple methods and can easily give you the forgotten password.


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