Thursday, 24 November 2016

Do I Need A Dedicated IP Address

A dedicated IP address is exclusively assigned to your domain name.

But, do you really need a dedicated IP address?

Let’s have a look.

Is a Dedicated IP Address Required?


There are many reasons that fall in the favor of getting a dedicated IP address for your domain name.

This includes:

  • Getting higher stability as only you will be using it. So, the likelihood of your IP address getting flagged by a malicious website or getting blacklisted due to a spamming activity of any other user on the shared server. Your website won’t be affected by the activity of other users on the shared server if you opt for a dedicated IP address.
  • Those with high-volume traffic will find having a dedicated IP address prevents their website from crashing. The speed and performance of a high-volume traffic website remain optimum on a dedicated IP address.
  • A dedicated IP address can help you get an SSL certificate for your e-commerce website. Thus, offering protection to your customers who enter their personal information as well as credit card details.
  • It allows you to check your website without changing DNS settings for the domain name.
A dedicated IP address will definitely boost your business identity as people will notice you are not using a third-party application to handle their financial details. If you find the above reasons to own a dedicated IP address match your websites requirement, then you should definitely invest in one.



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