Monday, 28 November 2016

Unable to Resolve Error

Are you having trouble accessing or your router IP address?

Read on the following article and learn how to get connected if you are unable to resolve error.

Can’t Access

If you need to access your router settings, you need to login using the IP address. Some routers may use as their default IP address. However, if you find a connection failure problem, it means your browser can’t access the router. Those who are unable to resolve error, they should follow the steps below to overcome their problem.

  • You need to ping on your computer. Those using Windows need to go to Start and type Run in the search menu and then type ‘CMD’.
  • A command window will open and you need to type ‘ping’.
  • See the result. If it shows ‘Reply from’, it means the network is OK. However, it shows ‘Request timed out’, it means that you cannot connect with your wireless router.

Reasons for Inability to Connect to the Wireless Router

There can be many reasons that lead to connection time out for your wireless router. These reasons can be:

  • The TCP/IP property is incorrectly configured on your computer
  • The TCP/IP settings may be correct, but if the router is connected to a Modem, the Modem’s setting can conflict with your router’s default setting. This conflict causes problems with gaining access to the router.
  • There may be a proxy setup in the browser.
  • There may be multiple network cards in computer that causes TCP/IP settings conflict.
  • The default IP address for your router is not and is something different.

Troubleshooting Error

If you are having trouble entering the login screen, you need to open Control Panel and search for ‘network’. Click on ‘View Network Connections under Network and Sharing Center’.

Now, you need to right-click on the Ethernet adapter and select Properties. Scroll down the list and look for Internet Protocol Version 4.

Now click on Internet Protocol Version 4 and then click Properties. See if Obtain an IP address automatically is selected. In addition, check of Obtain DNS server address automatically is selected.

Now entre the into the address bar and see if the login screen of your router is accessible.

Resetting Router to Factory Settings

In case the above method fails, you need to reset your router to factory settings. You can do this by pressing a tiny button on the router by inserting a paper clip or pin in the reset hole.

Once the router is reset, you need to again enter This will definitely help in getting access to the login page. If you are able to login, you should change the default network SSID and password.

Troubleshooting Further

In case resetting the router also does not help, you need to check if the firewalls in your browser are enabled. At times, the antivirus or other Internet security software may interfere in getting access to the router admin page. You need to temporarily disable the security settings so that you can get access. Sometimes, the web browser may have settings that is causing the error issue.

These are steps to follow in case you are unable to resolve the error.



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