Thursday, 8 December 2016

How to Configure Router Using IP

You can configure your router using manually.
All you need to do is open any Internet Browser on your computer and type the IP address Once you land on the admin page, you can configure your router easily.

Using to Configure Wireless Router is a private IP address that many router manufactures use for identifying their device on a network.Once you enter the IP address in your browser, you will be asked for a user name and password. Mostly the default username and password are to be kept blank. In some cases, admin is the username as well as password. You can find the default username and password in the instruction manual or printed on the device itself.

After you log into the admin page, you should click on Enable Wireless. Next, enter a new Wireless Network Name that is unique to your Wi-FI network. Do not use fancy names that attracts hackers to your network.Select the nearest Wireless Channel to handle the communication. Keep your router away from other interference such as microwave ovens, and other electronic devices.

Choose the 802.11 Mode and improve the routers performance by choosing ‘Only’ mode. Choose WPA or WPA2-[AES] Security Mode to secure your network from unauthorized access.

Enter a password or passkey that contains alphabets, numbers and special characters. Make sure it is nothing common like your name, pet’s name, birthdate, anniversary date, etc.

Save your settings and try to connect to the network from the computers Network and Sharing center. Once you are connected to your router, you will be able to use your Wireless Network easily.

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