Saturday, 18 March 2017

How to Find Out How Much Traffic a Website Gets

Many tools help you find out how much traffic a website gets.

These tools also give you information related to where the traffic comes from and what is the site ranking on search engines.

Know How Much Traffic a Website Receives

The number of visitors to your webpage allows you to understand the level of your website. It also helps you get ready for competitive analysis. There are many tools or third-party applications that helps you understand the popularity of your website.

1.Alexa Ranking

Alexa is one of the common ways to check your websites ranking. However, I won’t call it the most reliable source. Alexa tends to track stats for every user who has installed Alexa toolbar. Now, this is less than 1% of the users, so you can guess its reliability level. Alexa does show you the number of visitors and page views. However, it does give you a fair idea about your webpage over time.

2.Compete gets all the stats it needs from multiple sources to help you know your ranking. However, it based on U.S. traffic only, so you won’t get an idea about traffic from other regions in the world.script async src="//">

3.Similar Web

If you need more detailed and accurate data, then SimilarWeb is more appropriate. It gives you a line graph with values for number of daily visitors as well as sources. SimilarWeb also shows you the countries from where traffic is diverted to your website, the top referring websites, top websites that visitors visit after your website, audience interest, display ads, as well as 10 organic keywords with free version. What more can you ask for?


Now this is a tool that helps you know the number of RSS subscribers a website has. The condition is they use FeedBurner.

5.SEM Rush

This another tool that offers a lot of information related to search traffic for any website. It also allows you to estimate how much traffic one website gets for each keyword based on position and search volume.

6.Advertise Here’ Pages

Best way to know the traffic a website gets, is to visit their Advertising page. When you sell space on BuySellAds, you have to share your monthly unique and monthly impressions. Thus, blogs that sell advertising space have to tell you the exact number of unique views and impressions an ad will get monthly.

7.Post Comments

Another easy way to gauge the popularity of a webpage is by looking at the number of comments each post gets. Like on an average 1 person every 200 readers will leave a comment. This means 20 non-Nicholas comments will be viewed about 4,000 times. This is not a sure-shot way, but will definitely give you a general idea.

8.YouTube Views

YouTube videos or Vimeo videos that are embedded on a homepage of a website will help you note the number of views. However, the number of views on a video does not indicate the number of views to the website, but will give some idea as to how much traffic was diverted to their website during the first month.

These are some ways that will help you find out how much traffic a website gets. Until and unless the owner of the website reveals the exact traffic a site gets, all other methods are as good as guessing.



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