Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Top Online Tools to Know More about a Website

Did you know there are many online tools that help you know everything you need to know about a website?

Like contacting the owner, its DNS information, even knowing if it can be accessible in China! Let’s read about the top online tools to know more about a website.

Useful Online Tools That Give You All Details about Any Website

The best way to understand about any website is by using certain free tools available online.


Who.is is an online tool that will help you learn all about the look up domain, IP owner information as well as give you more details about the website. It also gives you information related to the contact address, email as well as the phone number of the website owner.


Just enter the URL of any website and whoishostingthis.com will give you information related to the company name and the region where it is hosted. This is very useful when you need to send a DMCA Notice or trying to switch the web hosts.


If you need to search for the countries a website is accessible from, you could use just-ping.com. This online service has 30 monitoring stations across the world that gives you almost accurate results. When a search results give you 100% Packet Loss, it means the website will not be accessible in that region or country.


Now, if you are tired of a certain website that continues to use material from your content, you have a solution. You could send a query to this online tool and it will let you all copyright related complaints previously given against a particular website. This will help make your case stronger against the offending website.


You could get a comprehensive report related to any IP address or website. It gives you information related to the physical location of the website, the hosting provider, the IP address change history as well as its DNS information.


Did you know that you could find out the relative popularity of any website on social media sites? Yes, popuri.us will give you an estimate of the popularity level of a website on Facebook, Twitter, etc. as well as gives the Google Pagerank of a website. Popuri.us will also give the Web of Trust matrix information.


The best way to analyse your competitor website is to use semrush.com. SEMrush will report all the organic keywords people use to find a particular website, the site’s traffic as well as its competing website.


This online tool is a repository for all performance related metrics of a website. httparchieve.org keeps a record of the size of the website pages, its average load tome as well as the number of times the request to reach the website failed.

These are some of the top online tools to know more about a website. There are other many other online tools that will tell you more about a website such as developers.google.com, modern.ie, BrowserStack, ctrlq.org/sandbox, etc. With these tools you can gather more information related to any website in the world.

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