Thursday, 8 June 2017

What is Reseller Webhosting?

There are many web hosting firms that are offering reseller web hosting services.

This makes it very confusing for many to question what is reseller webhosting and how it could help them earn some extra income.

Reseller Web Hosting: Overview

A reseller web hosting is a renting service offered by a company that is, hosting provider. The hard disc space and bandwidth of the hosting provider is rented out to another company. This company is usually small to mid-sized business, who in turn rents out their rented space to third parties, such as small businesses or entrepreneurs.

This is a mutually beneficial service where clients of web developers and designers can be given an option of web hosting at an extra charge as well as showcasing additional benefits that attracts more clients to their brand.

How Does It Work?

A reseller web hosting service involves the following steps explained as simply as possible:
  • One needs to do some market research and zero down on a hosting company.
  • After verifying all the details of the package, purchase a deal with the hosting company.
  • Study and understand the target market to find and make new clients.
  • Calculate and fix your charges and price.
  • Market well and sell your packages to prospective clients.
  • Turn it into a success and make profits.
This is all about what is reseller web hosting services. It is an excellent way to earn extra profits online. It is a low risk investment method with limited start-up cost. However, you need either to be well versed with the technical background in case of difficulties or have a strong technical support team to troubleshoot problems face by the clients.

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