Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Healthcare and technology

How is Modern Medical Science a Boon of Advanced Technology?

Technology is a part of our daily life.

 It has slowly, steady seeped into our lives, and one cannot imagine living without our modern, digital aids. Whether it is communication, banking, transportation, food, security, or even healthcare, advanced technology has changed it all. One of the most important impacts of modern technology is the advancement in the field of medicine.

The various breakthroughs of technology has shaped today’s healthcare. It has helped in advancement of various medical fields such as biotechnology, medicine, genetics, cancer research, microbiology, pharmacy, and much more. So what are the advances that we are talking about? How is modern medical science a boon of advanced technology?

Let us find out.

Technology Has Improved Medical Care

Technology has become ubiquitous in nature. It is everywhere and about everything. It has helped giving physicians, surgeons, and medical experts a better insight related to the different data of a disease, ailment or condition. So what do these medical innovations that helps medical practice hone its skills better?

Better Treatments

Medical treatment is hundred times better than ever before. Imagine someone pulling out an arrowhead from your shin while you just had to bite on to something hard. Today, with advanced anesthesia and surgery methods, you don’t even realize if a minor thorn is pulled out of your big toe. Medical care has become more reliable as it is no longer related to trial and error methods. Medical science has become safer and less painful. The path to recovery is now faster and easier.

Better Tests

Blood tests, brain scans, liver tests, kidney profiles, microbial analysis, biochemical tests and more are accurate and quick. You no longer have to wait for days on end to get a test result. There are digital instruments that provide accurate results and readings. Their calibration is 99.99% accurate. There is minimum chance of human error.

Better Record Keeping

Hospitals no longer need to maintain dusty record rooms. Due to digitalization, all patient files are now saved on the computer using a computer software. The patient information can be accessed by the doctor from anywhere in the world and treat the patient accordingly. Also, the records are password protected. Thus, they are safe and secured and can be only accessed by the patient and their doctor.

Better Accessibility

Patients no longer need to visit the doctor in the clinic or hospital. In case of emergency or to take general advice. They can call the doctor over video calling and take e-prescriptions. Yes, electronic prescriptions are possible as the hospital or the doctor’s clinic has all the medical data related to the patient in their online record. All the doctor needs to do is get secure access to the details and know all about the patients drug allergies or special needs.

Better Reach

Healthcare is now reaching patients in the remotest of the places on Earth. Regions that lie in underdeveloped areas, war-torn regions, etc. can now access advanced healthcare using the Internet. Specialist can connect with patients as well as doctors in other parts of the world using social media or video conference calls and discuss medical issues and give them the help to access advanced medical care.

Better Knowledge of Medical Advancement

The Internet has helped doctors, researchers, experts, as well as medical practitioners access the latest development in the medical field. Thus, medical experts now know any breakthrough in the medical field faster or can even collaborate on similar projects to get quicker results. Technology has made the world smaller as people can now connect and share their knowledge about medicine is a quicker and easier way.

Better medicines, better instruments, better methods of surgery are all boons of advanced technology. One can go on and on about the advantages of technology in the medical field. Technology has greatly helped medical science save many lives and make the quality of life better for some people.




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