Sunday, 5 November 2017

Backing Up Hard Drive Data with Backup and Sync Tool By Google

It is very important to back up data on your computer to prevent any loss due to sudden, unexpected crash. One such app to protect your files, folders, videos and photographic memories is using Backup and Sync from Google. It easily helps to backup your important data and replace the older Google Photos app. It even phases out the Google Drive application for Mac and PC. Thus, you now need just one app to get your files on the cloud.

Let us have a look at the simple way to backup your hard drive data using Google’s Backup and Sync Tool.

How to Store All Files from Your Computer to Backup and Sync?

Google has made life easy for most of the users who have everything stored on their computer. Right from their professional work to their personal memories. To protect these memories and files from being erased in case of accidental deletion or a computer crash, Backup and Sync tool by Google makes it easy to access your files on the go. So say good-bye to external hard drives and say ‘Hello, Backup and Sync Tool’.

Get Started

You need to download Google Backup and Sync from Google Once it is installed on your computer, allow the program to make changes on your computer.

Sign in

After the program is installed on your computer, it is time to sign in to your Google account.

Upload Files

Once you sign in to the app, you can select the folders, files, videos, images, etc. that you need to back up on Google. Click on Next once done.

Store Files

In the Next window, you will be able to drag and drop folders from your computer into the cloud. You should sync data that is required and probably not everything on your desktop.

All Set

Once you click backup, your computer will start backup data to Google Drive. You need to have patience for the task to be completed. It depends on the amount of data backed up and the speed of the Internet connection.

This is all about how to backup hard drive data using Google’s Backup and Sync tool. You may run out of 100 GB space on Google Drive may need to purchase additional space. However, compared to Microsoft OneDrive and Apple, Google sells additional space at a much higher rate. However, it is an easy to use solution, if 100 GB space is enough for your backup needs.



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