Sunday, 12 November 2017

Easiest Ways to Monitor Your Kid’s Online Activity

With Internet available freely and kids getting smarter around technology day-by-day, it is hard control what they access and use. Any smart parent will try to filter the type of content their kid’s access as much as possible. Laying down rules and placing controls is one part of the monitoring process. However, you need to use extra parental control tools that can block their Internet access completely or filter out the things you don’t want to pop up on their screens.

Let us have a look at some of the tools that helps you monitor, track their location, as well as limit the amount of screen time for kids.

Tools to Monitor Kids Online Activities and GPS Location

Monitoring apps help you track the online activity of kids on their smartphones, tablets as well as computers. They even allow you to access their text messages, phone logs; applications installed as well as monitor their phone location. This may sound extreme, but with many pedophiles, cyber bullies, child pornography, as well as games such as the Blue Whale Challenge hitting you in the face, it is important to protect children as parents.

We all trust our kids, but cannot trust the sharks lurking around the Internet looking for vulnerable and innocent souls and pulling them into a vortex of doom. The following tools will help you track and monitor your child’s online activities and GPS location, so that you are there to protect them if the need be.

Windows PC

Before we talk about applications that help track and monitor online activity, let us start with Windows PC. You have the option of creating an account for your child. This can be done enabling the Family Safety settings that allows you to monitor as well as manage the time of usage from the child’s account. It also helps you block certain applications, websites and send you weekly reports of reviewing activity on the child account.


Mac users can share the screens on different Macs by turning on Parental controls. This means you can share your child’s screen on your Mac by going to Sharing preferences and selecting Screen Sharing. You can continue to “Allow Access For” and even select the Administrators.


This is one of the most popular cell phone tracking app globally. It allows you to monitor whom the person calls, what they text, apps downloaded, number of contacts, GPS location, and many other important things.


MamaBear is an app that helps send updates related to the child’s online activity to the parent’s device. These monitoring updates includes social media updates, texts, location as well as alerts if the child is over speeding while driving.


NetNanny allows you to monitor children’s online life remotely. You can choose which websites need to be blocked from your kid’s screen such dating websites, pornographic websites as well as websites that promote smoking, alcohol or drugs. You can even set red alert words such as ‘suicide’, ‘death’, ‘depression’, ‘sad’, ‘abuse’, etc.


One of the best apps to check the location of just the kids, but all members of your family. It doubles up as a popular group-messaging app and has the ability to ‘check-in’ to locations so the family is alerted of the safe location of every member. It has an excellent GPS mapping system, so parents can pinpoint the location of the child in case of emergency. It even marks important locations for the kids such as hospitals, police stations as well as homes of registered sex offenders.

These are some of the popular child monitoring and tracking apps available. There are plenty more tools that are available free as well as have paid versions. If you think there is a need for extra caution, you should definitely go in for the paid versions. They offer more features and better monitoring and tracking features. Even if it sounds extreme, at times, it is better to play safe with extra caution than allow our kids to fall into a vicious trap of trouble.



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