Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Getting Read Receipts in Gmail

Sending an email is the most common form of communication on day to day basis. Most of the official communication today occurs through email. You need to send a project report, just email it. You even email your personal photos to friends and family.

There is so much to do with a simple email. Won’t you feel ecstatic if you were told you can start getting read receipts in Gmail? Yes, you can get notifications when your readers read your mail by a simple method.

Let us have a look at this simple hack that will allow you to get read receipts in Gmail.

How to Request Read Receipt in Gmail

A read receipt is a type of service that will help you get notifications when your sent emails are opened or read by the receivers. This helps confirm that the receiver has seen your message and even gives you a record of the time the message was opened or read.

The Google Apps system administrator will specify if you can request read receipts and if Gmail will send you read receipts automatically or ask the recipient before sending the receipt.

In order to request a read receipt, you need to:

  • You need to open Gmail and compose a message as you usually do at mail.google.com
  • Next, click on the More options icon in your compose window
  • Click on the Request read receipt.
  • Now, send the message.

How to Return a Read Receipt

You can return a read receipt if you receive a message for which a user has requested it. In this case, to approve a read receipt:

  • Open the message and read it as you do on the desktop version of Gmail at mail.google.com
  • When you will navigate away from the message or close the message, you will get a prompt that says send a read receipt.
  • You can click on Send receipts or Not now.
  • Once you click Not now, you will be prompted to send the receipt the next time you open the same conversation.

This is how you get a read receipt in Gmail. Just make sure you click Receive read receipt whenever you send an email.



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