Tuesday, 14 November 2017

How to Purchase a Domain Name from Google?

You can purchase a domain name from Google easily. Purchasing from Google gives you many benefits. This includes annual auto-renewal of domain, free access to other Google apps, keeping your information private as the domain owner. Google has partnered with many domain registrars and allows one to purchase domains through Google. You can find a domain name you like, create a website and add a customized email address for yourself. Easy.

Let us learn more about how to purchase a domain name from Google.

Buying a Domain from Google

To get a domain name for your company, business, or private website use, you can follow the steps below:

Search for Available Domain

  1. You need to visit the following link https://domains.google/#/ and Search for a domain name.. in the search box.
  2. You can enter a name for example funkey or enter it with an extension such as funkey.com. Google will suggest all available variations in case the name you want is not available.
  3. You can review all possible domain names as well as view all the possible domain endings for your search strings by clicking on All Endings.

Select a Domain

  1. You can choose a domain name you like and click on the Add to cart button.
  2. You can select more domain names and add it to your shopping cart or click on the View cart.

Purchase the Domain

  1. If you have finished shopping for domain names, then you can click on Proceed to checkout button.
  2. Enter your contact information on the Confirm contact information pop-up. The information you enter will be used for public contact information for your domain in the WHOIS database.
  3. Keep in mind the email address used to login to the Google Domains will be able to access the Google’s Domains account. If you enter any other email address or name in the Contact information screen, it won’t be used to access the Google Domains account.
  4. You should select the privacy option and choose to receive emails (optional). Click the Continue button.
  5. In the Google Payment window, review your purchase and click on the Buy button. 

Once you are done with the purchase, check out your own domain. This is all you need to do to purchase a domain name from Google.



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