Thursday, 18 January 2018

How to Really Block Websites That Distract You From Work?

Distraction is one of the major reasons for lagging behind in work. When you have to work on a computer with an active Internet connection, it obviously means you will get distracted with websites that make you waste time surfing. You may have to complete that important book report or finish a presentation. Yet, while working you waste precious time surfing a sports website or peeping at the celebrity gossip websites. And you end up wasting a day of productive work.

Instead of crying out loud, the best thing to do is avoid the temptation. If temptation sets and starts weakening your will power, then you need to try use tools that help you focus only on work.

Let us have a look at how to really block websites that distract you from work and improve your productivity.

Tools to Temporarily Block Websites that Distract You

There are many tools that help you overcome distractions and temptations and focus just on work. Let us have a look at a few of these useful tools.

Cold Turkey

Windows users with self-control issues can use Cold Turkey. This tool helps you block specific websites and applications. You can download the free version with limited features. Or you could opt for the $19/month option that gives you a full on blocking experience.

Cold Turkey has a useful feature called ‘Frozen Turkey’ that allows you to locks you out of the computer for a set period. This feature is best for those obsessed with work or college students who need to stay online 24/7 or a night owl.


Google Chrome user with a bad habit of wasting more than necessary time on social media will find StayFocused very useful. It is a free Chrome extension that allows you to block time wasting websites. You can use it to spend time on distracting websites for maximum one hour. Once the time is up, it will not allow you to spend a minute extra on these websites. StayFocused has a ‘Nuclear Option’ that blocks everything you wish to block. However, keep in mind, once you activate it, there is no way you can cancel it.


Mozilla Firefox users do not feel left out. You can use LeechBlock to block sites for a set amount of time in Firefox. Download this extension in Firefox and specify the websites you wish to block. You can even select when to block the sites and how long to block them. It also allows you to track the time spent on the websites you visit when they are not blocked.

You can even set the time after which the website gets blocked. You can give yourself up to 10 minutes to spend on a particular website. Once the time is up, you are blocked out of the website.
You can even try the redirect page setup. For example, if you type, it will be redirected to some other website you set. Thus, you cannot reach the website you wish to and stay focused on your task at hand.

Those who are weak-willed can try the password option in LeechBlock. Enter a password before you disable the block websites. Thus, giving you a leverage to come back to your senses and avoid distractions. Or you could ask your friend or mother to set the password so that no amount of temptation allows you to be distracted from work.


RescueTime is best for those who have to finish projects on time and block distracting websites. This application is Mac, Windows, Android as well as Linux friendly. It not just blocks distracting websites that keep you away from work, but does much then that. It can be downloaded on mobiles as well as computers. RescueTime monitors websites and applications as well as gives detailed reports of time spent on each website. When you look at RescueTime’s data, it will open your eyes as to how much you actually focus on the task at hand.


You can block distracting apps on Android devices with FocusLock. It is perfect for Android users who are addicted to their phones. You can block websites for a particular time period or use it according to the Pomodoro method. This means 20 minutes of focus and 5 minute break.
These are some of the tools that help you block websites that distract you from work. No need to strain your will-power with these apps or extensions to keep you away from temptations.



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