Thursday, 18 January 2018

How to Move Your Blog to Your Own Domain

Many bloggers prefer hosting their blog to their own self-hosted domain. Many bloggers face problems such as lack of security, less control as well as low profit earnings (as it does not allow use of Google AdSense) from the blog. If you too are facing  issues related to WordPress then it is time to move it to a self-hosted domain. It is assumed you already have your own domain and installed on it. If yes, then the following tutorial will teach you how to move your blog to your own domain.

It’s Time to Move…

Once you get a web domain name and server space, you can start hosting your blog. There are many web domains available for sale at affordable price. You can try Google Apps at just $10/year along with Google add on like Google Docs, Gmail, etc. The plus point is that the registration can be kept private so that no person can find your address or phone number from the Whois record of the domain.

Other web hosting services that you can consider include Dreamhost, Media Temple, Blue Host, etc. Once you have your own domain, it is time to install WordPress software in the sub-directory. That’s it. You are now ready to move your blog to your domain.

  1. Once you install WordPress software on your domain, you need to go to your admin dashboard.
  2. Click on Tools -> Export and select Save XML file on your local computer.
  3. Make sure you choose ‘All Content’ so that all posts, pages, comments, etc. are download on your computer in form of a single XML file.
  4. Now, go to the self-hosted blog and go to ‘Tools ->Import’ and select the last option ‘WordPress’.
  5. Click on the ‘Choose File’ and navigate to XML file downloaded on your computer. Click ‘Upload file and import’ and WordPress will transfer content to the new site. Have patience as it may take a while depending on your Internet connection as well as size of XML file.
  6. Your old blog visitor don’t know you have moved your blog to a new self-hosted blog. So, you need to redirect them directly to the new domain. This can be done by using the Site Redirect service by at $13/per year.
  7. Go to Store menu on old administrator dashboard and find ‘Site Redirect’.
  8. Click on ‘Buy Now’ and the again click ‘Buy Now’ to confirm. Enter the address of your self-hosted blog and click ‘Redirect to this URL’.
  9. Confirm your purchase and complete the process by entering your payment details.

You can manage the site redirects from Store>My Domains in the admin dashboard. You may choose the $13 dollar/per year service for one or two years at least. Till this time you visitors will know your new site address and it will start showing up on search results. This is all you need to do to move your blog to your own domain.



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