Thursday, 18 January 2018

The Best Essential Google Chrome Extensions 2017

Google Chrome extensions offer a variety of flavors for its users. You can select extensions that boost your productivity or block irritating ads. These Google Chrome extensions make your web browsing experience more smooth and useful.

Let us have a look at some of the best essential Google Chrome extensions 2017 in the following article.

The Best Extensions for Google Chrome

From the thousands of apps and extensions available on Google Chrome, we have narrowed down to a few of our favorite extensions that will prove to be handy to our readers.


I always tend to browse through interesting articles or videos and think of going through them later. However, I forget the name of the website or lose track of the link. In such a case, Pocket is a useful extension that allows you to save these interesting articles for later. It also allows you to save videos, webpages, recipes, and much more. You can carry Pocket everywhere, in your tablet, smartphone or computer. Start saving your favorite content and access them wherever you are and whenever you need.

IE Tab

There are many websites that still function in IE web browser. With IE tab, you can display web pages within Chrome using IE. You can create a list of URLs that open automatically in the IE tab, edit Sharepoint documents instead of opening read-only files, and even use Silverlight, Java, and Active X in Chrome.


Get access to blocked websites and censorship with TunnelBear extension. It allows you to browse privately by hiding your IP address. You no longer need to worry about your privacy on a Public Wi-Fi or fright about getting tracked online. Advertisers can no longer track your browsing habits and ISPs, and you can get a lightning fast private network connection in over 20 countries.


If you need to schedule email delivery then Boomerang for Gmail is the extension you need. If you have a fresh idea on a weekend, you can just type an email and schedule it to be sent first thing on Monday morning. You can even add a snooze to emails you wish to read later. It even has an Inbox Pause button that allows you to control the arrival of messages in your Inbox.

Pomodoro Technique

The fancy name of this extension may confuse many a Chrome users. The Pomodoro technique allows you to concentrate only on the task at hand for 25-minutes and then take a break for 5-minutes once the time is up. Just click on the Tomato icon on the Chrome menu and you will remain blocked from sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Hulu, and Reddit. You can add websites as per your wish and the default time to block these websites is from 25 minutes. And in case you are tempted to stop the timer and take a sneak peek at the blocked websites, then the only way to do it is disabling the extension and restarting your browser.

These are some of the best essential Chrome extensions of 2017. There are many others such as Click&Clean, GetHoneyBadger, Torch Music, StumbleUpon, etc. that are worth adding to your list of extensions.



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