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Delete Deleted Files Permanently from Windows

Do you think the files you delete on your computer are lost forever? Well, the files you delete from a folder or desktop reach the recycle bin. You can even clear the recycle bin completely. However, your files are not obliterated from your system. Their path are destroyed, however, the files remain somewhere within the system, difficult to extract.

There are certain ways that make sure all the deleted files from Windows are permanently deleted. In the following article, we shall learn how to delete deleted files permanently from Windows.

Using Cipher to Delete Wiped Files from Windows

When you delete a file, it does not get wiped off completely from your hard disk. Instead the removed files are still present on your hard disk and just get overwritten by other files. In order to remove these deleted files and free up space in the hard disk, you can use the inbuilt tool by Windows, called the Cipher.

When you use Cipher it deletes files in three phases. First it fills up space with zero data then it fills it with 0xFF numbers and finally it fills it up with random numbers. As it deletes in three phases, it takes a lot of time to clear unwanted, deleted data. Thus, before you start Cipher, make sure you close all apps and give the tool plenty of time to do its work.

Remember, once you run Cipher, there will be absolutely no way to recover any of the deleted files from your computer. Thus, make sure you really want to run this utility tool.

1.Open Command Prompt in Windows Taskbar Search and right-click on it.
2.From the drop-down list select Run as Administrator.
3.Type cipher /w:C  in the command prompt and hit Enter.
4.In case you wish to permanently delete all deleted files in a particular folder, then you need to use the command cipher /w:[drive]:\folder_name.
5.If you wish to delete files only in C drive then use the command cipher /w:C, If you need to delete files in D drive then replace C with D.
6.In case you want to delete files inside a particular folder, then type the name of the folder in place of folder_name.

Cipher completes the process in three steps so make sure you have plenty of patience till the task is complete.

Use of Utility Tools

There are plenty of utility tools that help in deleting deleted files permanently from your computer. If you take a look, you will find plenty of utility apps that you can download and use to clear off unwanted deleted files from your hard disk memory.

Some of the popular freeware and security tools that completely remove data from your hard drive include:

4.Wondershare SafeEraser

Try these methods and delete deleted files permanently from Windows. These methods will make sure the deleted files are completely removed from your hard drive memory permanently.



Find Facebook Friends Location Using Google Maps

Facebook is not just a social media website to connect with friends and family. It has also become a popular way to connect with people all around the world. Another feature of this popular social media website includes finding Facebook friends location using Google Maps. With the help of Google Maps, you can find your friends location and reach them quickly.

Let us have a look at some of the ways that helps you find Facebook friends location using Google Maps.

Locate Your Facebook Friends on Google Maps

There are many apps that help you find your Facebook friends via Google Maps. Let us have a look at some of the popular apps that you can use to find friends nearby.

1.Where My Friends Be

This is a simple network display app that uses your profile picture and geolocates your location on Google Maps. The mapping system is quite quick and helps you view an entire network of friends on the map.


SocialMine uses all information from the friend’s profiles and will display their current location. It not just gives you the location on Google Map, but also helps you sort your friends based on their gender, political views, and relationship status as well as birth month.

3.Map Motive

Map Motive parses your friends profile on Facebook and uses it to plot them on Google Map. This is possible only if your friends have kept their profile public. If their information is private it will not be displayed on Google Map. Just zoom on Google Map using this app and find all your friends around a particular location.

4.Live Location

Facebook has a Messenger feature called Live Location that helps people know where they are. It allows the users to send their current location to a friend and even update their location as they move.
Other apps that help find Facebook friends location using Google Maps include Glympse, Find My Friends, Social Map, My Friend Map, Friends Density, OpenHeatMap, etc. Try these apps and find your nearby friends from Facebook.

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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Track Your Friends Using Google Latitude

Don’t you want to know where your friends are at any given moment? Do you wish to keep a track on your family members especially when you are worried about their safety? Smartphones have made it very easy to track your friends and family in times of needs and emergency. There are many apps that help you keep a tab on the location of your family members as well as friends. Not just you tracking someone, your friends and family can also track you when you are on the move. Thus, making sure all are safe and extend help in case of emergencies. Of all the many apps available, we shall learn how you could track your friends using Google Latitude.

Why Google Latitude?

Google Latitude was a web/mobile/social app developed by Google. It was a location-aware feature of Google Maps. Smartphones users could allow people they knew to view their current location via Latitude. Google Maps used their Google Account to create a map of their location.

One could choose what others could see related to their location. Some people could see their exact location and in some cases they could accept someone’s request, but hide their location from them. You could also show just which city you are in currently or hide your location from certain people. And if you wish, you could remove any person from your list.

Latitude also helped you create a blanket setting for all your contacts. You could allow Latitude to automatically detect your location or you could choose to enter it manually.

Is it Still Available?

Google has discontinued the Google Latitude app. They announced their plans to shut down Latitude on July 10, 2013. By August 9, 2013, Latitude was phased out completely.

Are There Any Other Options Available

Apart from Latitude, you could try various other apps for tracking friends and keep certain people in loop related to your own location. Some of the apps worth a mention include:

1.Life360 Family Locator
3.Find My Friends

Try these apps as they will help you track friends better than Google Latitude.



Friday, 16 February 2018

Is It Safe to Use Credit Card at Online Gaming

Online gaming is one of the most popular ways of entertainment and hobby for online gaming enthusiasts. You will find the Internet offers some of the best slot machines to play online. There is no longer the need to find a casino made of brick and mortar, instead, sit in the comfort of your home and win great prices online in form of cash or other attractive prices. Online gaming offers the freedom to use credit cards to pay for the online casinos games. This raises the question ‘is it safe to use credit card at online gaming’.

Use of Credit Cards on the Rise

There are many websites offering online gaming and casino slot machines to play online. All you need to do is make an account on the website and enter your payment details to pay for the games. The best way to transfer money to an online gaming account is using credit cards. If you are doing business with an genuine online gaming casino, always remember, they will complete the transaction only after verification. Make sure the website has https:// as its address that points towards a secure channel.

Why Should I be Worried about Using Credit Cards for Online Gaming?

 Those who pay for online gaming using credit cards should think twice before they enter their details. This is because the Internet is full of fraudsters and conmen who are ready to cheat vulnerable victims. They try to extract personal details such as credit card number, the expiry date of the credit card, mobile number as well as online transaction passwords to fleece victims of their money.

At times, certain casinos have many hidden costs that are deducted with every transaction. This means you pay out more to the online casinos than what you earn.

How Do I Make Sure It is Safe to Use Credit Cards at Online Gaming?

When carrying out online transactions on an online gaming website, you need to make sure of certain things. This will make sure it is safe to use credit cards at online gaming websites.

1.Check Out the Websites Reputation

Before you invest in any online casino, make sure you read the reviews and feedback it gets. This will help you understand if the gaming casino is a reputed business or just another online sham. Read the casino’s monetary policy carefully. This will give you an insight into the company’s policy related to safeguarding of your money.

2.Check Out the https

I am repeating this point again as it is very important to make sure your money is safe. Websites with the extra ‘s’ in the end of http indicate it is an encrypted system  and scrambles all your personal information. Thus, adding an layer of safety to the website. Keep in mind, https is not 100% safe and you need to remain vigilant.

3.Never Give Your Personal Information

It is important to note than no online casino is interested in knowing your Social Security Number, bank password, transaction password, etc. If the website starts asking you personal questions related to your credit card or bank account, leave the website immediately.

4.Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi

Never conduct online transactions using a public Wi-Fi system. There are many eavesdroppers and hackers waiting to find an opportunity to grab on to your personal information and fleece you off your money. Make sure you do this on a private network with proper anti-virus, antimalware as well as passwords in place.

5.Use a Strong Antivirus

Those who love online gaming should secure their computer using a strong antivirus and antimalware software. Do not go in for free software, instead purchase a strong antivirus software that not just protects your computer, but also your online banking transactions from hackers.
If you exert some precautions you can safely use credit cards at online gaming websites. Keep your eyes open and trust your instincts before you give out your credit card information on any online casino.



How to Register a Domain Name

A website has now become the virtual face of any business. It is the best way to reach out to people and successfully build a steady stream of new customers. Thus, it is very important to choose a wise domain name for your website and even more importantly registering a domain name.

Let us learn how to register a domain name and complete the inherent process today for running a successful online and offline business.

Registering a Domain Name

In this article, we shall talk mainly about how to register a domain name. Once it is decided to create a website for your business, the first thing to do is register a domain name. Now, a domain name can be same as your business name or it can be something different. This domain name will be how your website will be known to your customers. For example, ‘’. The next step is to find out if the domain name is available or already in use by somebody else. It is very easy to find this out, or else you can go in for a paid domain name. Let us go into the details of registering a domain name.

Choose a Domain Name

Domain name will become the face of your business. The minute someone say Amazon, you imagine an online store where you can purchase anything and everything possible. eBay brings to your mind a profitable deal on New, Used, or Refurbished goods. Similarly, you need to choose a domain name that represents your business, service, store, or website in a clear way.

A domain name can be bought from a domain name registrar. This is easier as you can find the domain names that are available. You could either try GoDadddy or Namecheap or Google Domains to purchase a domain name. Make sure you name is catchy and gets easily noticed by potential visitors. You could try carrying out some SEO as well to find a good name for your website.

Choose a Suffix Appropriately

It is not necessary that you go in for just ‘.com’ suffix. If you are an educational institute you could try using ‘.edu’ suffic or go in for a country specific suffix such as ‘.in’ or ‘.uk’. Other available top-level domain (TDL) includes .game, .net, .org, .hiphop, etc.

Choose a Registrar

Once you have your website domain name in place and have chosen the appropriate TDL, it is time to choose a registrar to host your domain. You could choose or any similar registrar and type in your chosen domain name. Certain registrars offer you free domain names for a year or so and then charge you heavily on it. A few such as Cloudways require you to purchase a domain name elsewhere and then they register it.

Many registrars offer you different registration duration plans. This includes an annual plan, three years, five years, or even for ten years. Make sure you choose wisely especially if you are going in for plans for more than a year. Read the offer policies carefully. Find out their policy related to transferring your domain name to another registrar, in case you don’t like the current service. Read about their policies in case the company goes out of business, leaving your domain name without a host.

Read the Contract

People often think once they pay for a domain name, it becomes theirs forever. However, this may not be case always as the registrars have clauses in their contract that can affect your domain name in many ways.

Some registrars have the right to revoke your domain name in case it breaks or flaunts certain company rules. This includes use of domain name for illegal purposes, spamming or other unacceptable purposes.

In some cases, the registrar has the right to delete your domain name at their discretion, without any specific reason. In such cases, the domain name belongs to the registrar and not to your business.
Also, almost all registrars have included the clause that gives them the right to make changes in the registration agreement as when they deem fit. Thus, read every line carefully before you sign any contract related to domain name.

Wait for Things to Take Shape

Once the domain name is registered and paid for, you may have to wait for several hours or days before your site is up and running. This is because of the backend process that occurs without your involvement. Once you site is up and in case you are unhappy with the registration service or find a better deal, you can transfer your domain name to another registration service.

Most of the domains hosting services offer transfer of domain name for free. However, in case you need to pay for it, make sure you do not pay more than what you paid for a new domain name.

This is how to register a domain name to get your website up and running. Go through all the available options before you choose the best domain hosting service according to your needs and budget.



Changing The Password on a Windows 10 Computer

Protecting our computer from nosy friends or keeping sensitive information safe should be a priority for all computer users. It is important to keep your computer password protected even if you do not have anything to hide on your PC. Changing the password on a Windows 10 computer is as easy as a breeze.

Let us learn from the following article the methods of changing to a new password on Windows 10.

How to Change Password in Windows 10?

It takes only a couple of minutes to change a password on Windows 10. We shall show you the three simple ways that can help you change your password.

Password Method

1.Click on the Start button at the bottom of your screen.
2.Go to Settings on the left and select Accounts.
3.Click on Sign-in options and then you will see Password.
4.Here you can click on Change and you will be asked to sign in to your Microsoft account password.
5.Enter your password and you will be sent a new code to change your password on the linked mobile number. You will need to enter the last 4-digits of your mobile number to verify if it is the correct number.
6.After you receive the code, enter it and you will be directed to a new page.
7.Enter the old password and type the new password. Re-enter the new password and hit Enter.
8.You will get a message that says you have successfully changed your password.

PIN Method

1.You need to follow the steps 1-4 from the above method.
2.Now, under PIN, click on Add.
3.Change your password by signing into your account and entering your password.
4.You will be asked to Enter a new PIN and then Confirm PIN. Click OK and now, you can use this PIN to access your Microsoft account.

Picture Method

1.Complete the steps 1-4 as the Password method.
2.Under the Picture password click on Add.
3.You will be asked to Enter your Microsoft account password to verify if it is your account. Click OK.
4.Click on Choose picture and then choose either Use this picture or Choose new picture.
5.You will be asked to set up three gestures that become a part of your picture password. Draw lines or circles that coordinate with the photo using the cursor.
6.Once you are done, you will get a message that says Congratulations. You have successfully created your picture password.

Simply use either of the three methods for changing the password on a Windows 10 computer.



Thursday, 15 February 2018

How to Uninstall Apps or Programs from Windows 10

Remember you needed to go to Control-> Features-> Programs to uninstall any program or desktop program. For Windows 10 users it has become very easy to uninstall apps.

Let us have a look at the different ways to uninstall apps or programs from Windows 10 PC.

Uninstall Programs and Apps in Windows 10

Traditionally, Windows users headed towards the Control Panel for all their programs installing and uninstalling needs. Now, Windows 10 is trying to break away from the usual methods and providing users with two new methods. The traditional method of uninstalling apps from Control Panel, however, remains the same.

Uninstall from Start Menu

The easiest way to remove any desktop program or Windows Store app in Windows 10 is from the Start menu. Just open the Start menu and find the program you want to remove in All apps list. You can even find the apps in the live tiles. Right-click on the selected app or program and select Uninstall from the context menu. You can follow all the uninstall wizard that may appear.

That’s it. It is a quicker and easier way to uninstall apps or programs from Windows 10.

Uninstalling from Settings

In case, you need to know more about a program before you uninstall or the size of the app, you can try going to the Settings app. Go to Start-> Settings-> Apps & Features. Once your list is ready, you can sort the programs and apps according to the name. Find the app you wish to uninstall and click on the Uninstall  button.

A pop-up warning will appear that tells that the program and all related data will be removed from your PC. Click on Uninstall again and the process will start. You may be required to finish the uninstall wizard process as well.

This is all you need to do to uninstall apps or programs from Windows 10 PC.

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How to Save Gmail Email in Google Drive?

Worried about losing your precious data, attachments and emails? You no longer need to face this terrifying situation. You can now backup all your emails from Gmail to Google Drive. All you need to do is configuring your email client to automatically take backups on Google Drive.

Let us learn how to save Gmail email in Google Drive.

Backing Up Gmail Email in Google Drive

Earlier on, you could save an email from Gmail in your Google drive as a Google Document. However, now you have the option to save your emails as PDF in Google Drive. The following instructions will help you learn to setup the Google Script for your Gmail account.

1. You need to download an add-on in your Google drive called the Save Emails as PDF.

Go to Google drive. In google drive under New or My drive open google sheets. In Google sheets in the menu click Add ons --> Get Addons.

 In the search box type save email and download "Save email and Attachments"

2. Now, in the Add-on menu you need to go to Save Emails, Create New rule and select a Gmail folder from the drop-down menu you can see.

3. This Google script is an open-source script. Do not worry, as it will never share any data with anyone.

4. You will need to select a folder in your Google Drive and create this rule. This will lead to the sheet automatically saving your messages as PDF within an hour.

5. Alternately, you could go to Saves Email – Manage Rules and instantly download any Gmail message as a PDF on Google Drive.

Backing Up Gmail Emails Along with Attachments on Google Drive

Those who wish to save their Gmail emails along with the attachments need to opt for the premium edition of Save Gmail to Google Drive. It has many features that includes maintaining the flow of conversations in the PDF document of a particular email.

This is how you save Gmail email in Google Drive. The best part is you don’t just need Google Chrome or a mobile app to help you save your emails on Google Drive. You can do it from anywhere by just applying the label PDF to the email. The Google Script will do all the work for you.



Sunday, 11 February 2018

How to Change the Default Browser from Bing to Google?

Internet Explorer users find Bing as their default search engine. In Windows 10, a new browser called Edge has been introduced. This browser has Bing as its default search engine. Now, we all know most of the users out there prefer to use Google as their search engine. Bing as the default tends to trouble many users as they are more used to Google. It is very simple to change the default browser from Bing to Google.

Let us have a look at some of the steps that will help you switch back to Google from Bing.

Changing Default Search Engine in Internet Explorer

Open Internet explorer and look for the Tools icon. Click on it and from the drop down menu select ‘Manage Add-ons’.

Here, look for ‘Search Providers’ and look for search engine providers listed in IE. If you do not find ‘Google’ then click on ‘Find more search providers’ at the bottom and add ‘Google Search’.

You now need to select ‘Google’ from list of search providers. Tap on ‘Set as Default’ and then ‘Close’.

Changing Default Search Engine in Mozilla Firefox to google

Open Mozzilla Firefox and click on the down arrow at the start of the Search Bar. If you can see Google on the list, right click on it and select “Set as a default search engine” to set google as default search engine.

If you do not find Google, then click on ‘Change search settings or manage search engines’.

At the bottom of the page click on “Find more search engines” -> click on Google and add Google into the list of available search engines.

From now, you will be able to see Google in the drop down menu and select it to set Google as your default search engine.

Changing Default Search Engine in Google Chrome

Open Chrome and click on the three horizontal bars on the top corner and open Chrome menu.
Select Settings and open the drop-down menu under Search.

Here, you will find ‘Bing’ as your current default search engine.

Change it to Google by clicking on Manage Search Engines.

You will find a list of search engines and you need to select Google. Click on Make Default and it will be changed from Bing to Google.

This is all you need to do to change default browser from Bing to Google. It is pretty simple, once you try doing it yourself.



Saturday, 10 February 2018

Enable or Disable Cookies in Internet Explorer

Did you get a message from a site that asked you to allow cookies to in order to view the site better on Internet Explorer? It means cookies must have been blocked on your Internet Explorer browser. Are you wondering what are cookies and how should you enable or disable them?

If yes, then we shall help you learn all about how to enable or disable cookies in Internet Explorer in the following tutorial.

What are Cookies?

Cookies is a term in the technical jargon that refers to small files that are placed on your computer by websites with information related to your preferences. So, the next time you re-visit a particular site, the site remembers your preferences and also helps you skip the sign-in process in most of the sites.

However, not all cookies are helpful. At times, some malicious websites may store harmful cookies that put your online privacy and safety at risk. Thus, bringing us to the question how to enable or disable cookies in Internet Explorer.

Disable or Enable Cookies in Internet Explorer

As you must have understood by now, there are different types of Internet cookies. Some cookies are helpful in loading webpages faster and quicker and some cause a threat to your online privacy and safety. Thus, you need to take steps to enable, disable, or complete block cookies on your IE browser

To Block Cookies on IE

Open Internet Explorer and click on Tools, then select Internet options.

Under Privacy tab go to Settings and move the slider to the top to block or disable all cookies.

Press OK.

To Enable Cookies on IE

  1. Open Internet Explorer and click on Tools, then select Internet options.
  2. Under Privacy tab go to Settings and move the slider to the bottom to allow or enable all cookies.
  3. Press OK.

To Enable or Disable Cookies in IE 11

Click on Tools or the Gear icon on the upper-right corner of the screen.

Alternatively you can select internet options from menu bar. (Tools-> Internet Options)

Click on Privacy-> Advanced.

You will see ‘First-party Cookies’ and ‘Third-party Cookies’ under Advanced. You can select Accept, Block or Prompt from the options.

Accept means it will automatically accept cookies, Block means automatically block cookies, and Prompt means it will prompt you every time a website requests cookies.

You can also check on the box that says ‘Always allow session cookies’ and click on OK. (Session cookies are those cookies that are stored on your computer till you close your browser.)

You can even set preferences according to Per Site Privacy Actions.


  1. You need to select Sites and enter the specific ‘Address of website’.
  2. Now, you can either Block or Allow cookies of that website.
  3. Click OK.

If you wish to browse a page without leaving any cookies after a single session, then you can try using the InPrivate Browsing mode. It is like the Incognito mode of Chrome.

You can find this option under Tools->Safety-> InPrivate Browsing.

Just follow these steps and you will be able to enable or disable cookies in Internet Explorer as per your needs.

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Thursday, 8 February 2018

Google Maps Helps You Find Latitude and Longitude of Any Place

Google Maps has become very popular as it is easily available on almost every Android device as well as easily accessible from iOS. It is very useful in finding your way around any place and even helps you plan your route according to the traffic. Another useful feature of Google Maps also includes finding the latitude and longitude of any place.

Google Maps can deliver GPS coordinates using the Global Positioning System. It uses the latitude and longitude system that helps divide the Earth based on lines. Latitude is the distance from north or south of the equator. Longitude is the distance from east or west of the prime meridian. Thus, using these coordinates one can easily find any location on Earth.

If you too need to find latitude and longitude of any place using Google Maps, then the following information will prove to be a helpful read.

Fast and Easy Way to Find Coordinates of Any Place Using Google Maps

Just follow the steps below and easily find the latitude and longitude of any place using Google Maps.

Finding Coordinates on iOS Devices

  1. Download and install Google Maps on your iPad or iPhone.
  2. Open the app and enter the address, location or area of interest in the search bar and tap search. Or just use your finger to navigate to the desired location on your screen.
  3. Tap and hold the map and drop a pin on the desired location.
  4. Now, click on the ‘Dropped Pin’ at the bottom of the screen and share the location using Messages.
  5. Type in the recipient and send the location to a friend or yourself. This will lead to sharing of a message with a link that begins with ‘’.
  6. When you tap the link, it will launch Google Maps and you will be able to see the latitude and longitude coordinates at the bottom of your screen.

Finding Coordinates on Android Devices

  1. Most Android devices have Google Maps preinstalled. Open the app and drop a pin at the location you are interested in.
  2. Once you drop a pin, look at the search bar on the top of your device screen. You will be able to view the latitude and longitude of the desired location.

Finding Coordinates on Desktop

  1. Open any web browser and search for any address in Google search bar.
  2. This will lead to Google Maps where you can specify your search. If you do not know the address exactly, then search manually by zooming in and out of the map.
  3. Once you find the desired location, drop a pin.
  4. After the pin is dropped you will be able to view the latitude and longitude as a part of the URL in the address bar
  5. Or just right-click the pin on Windows or Right-click and hold down Ctrl key on a Mac. It will lead to a drop-down list. Click on ‘What’s here’ and you can find the coordinates in the rectangular box at the bottom of your screen.

This is how Google Maps helps you find latitude and longitude of any place. Just follow these simple steps and you will be able to guide your friends to your location easily.

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Find Any Address Using Google Maps

Finding your way around the city or a new place has become very easy with Google Maps. You can find any location using Google Maps that can be installed easily on any Android or iOS device.

Let us find the way to locate a place using Google Maps.

Find Postal Address of Any Place Using Google Maps

Google Maps is your best bet to find the postal address of any location on Planet Earth. Make sure you have an active Internet connection and have installed Google Maps on your device. Even if you don’t have Google Maps as an app, you can always use the desktop version to find the postal address to any place.

In order to get started, you need to access Google Maps. In the search bar type the address you want to find. Then click Search and you will find the complete postal address of the place on the left of the map.

If the place you search for has multiple locations around the world or country or city, Google Maps will offer you several options to choose your location. For example, if you search for ‘M.G. Road, Mumbai’, it will give you options of all the M.G. Roads found in Mumbai.

Once you select M.G. Road, Kala Ghoda, Fort, it will provide you with a map of the area. Here, you can manually search for the location you are interested in. For example, Bombay Stock Exchange. Click on the Red Pin near Bombay Stock Exchange and on the left side you will be able to see the complete postal address along with the pin code, phone number (if available), and if the place is open now (in case of commercial or government place).

That’s it. This is all you need to do to find the postal address of any place using Google Maps.

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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

What is the Default IP Address for Broadband Routers?

All broadband routers have IP addresses that are very easy to locate. There are two IP addresses for a broadband router. These include the private address and the other is an external public IP address. The internal private address is used to communicate on the local network and the public IP address helps in communication with the external networks on the Internet.

Let us have a look the following article to learn what is the default IP address for broadband routers.

Finding the Default IP Address for Broadband Routers

An IP address is like the zip code for an address. Each router has its own set of numbers that determines it location. You can easily find the IP address for a router by following these steps.

Finding Default Public IP Address

The external IP address is set when the router is connected to an Internet Service Provider (ISP) with the help of a broadband modem. The best way to find the default public IP address is by going to ‘Google’ and typing ‘my IP’ in the Google search box. Google will come back with the public IP address for your computer. Other than this, you could always go to different websites that help in finding your IP such as or or

Finding the Private IP Address

To find the default internal IP address, you need to go to Start or press the Windows key on your keyboard. In the search box type cmd and hit Enter. The black window will open and you need to type ipconfig and press enter again.

The computer will display your private IP address as IPv4 Address. This is the private IP address with which you can communicate with any other device in your network.

You could even find the default router IP address printed on the router device itself. Manufacturers also print the default IP address in their manuals. Most of the time, the most common IP address of a broadband router is (D-Link and NETGEAR routers).

Some may even use:

Just try these simple methods and you will be able to answer the question what is the default IP address for broadband routers.

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Sunday, 4 February 2018

How to Scan QR Code on PC?

Have you noticed two dimensional designs of square dots printed on various products or ads, banners, websites, email signatures and even business cards?

Well, these are QR codes or Quick Response Codes that contain information, links to a video or a website or a file, email address, contact details or vCards, etc. You need to scan these codes to get the information hidden behind the pattern.

There are many QR code scanners for phones, but did you know that you can even scan QR code on PC? Don’t know how to scan QR code on PC? Then, read on and allow us to explain how you can scan QR codes using your computer.

Use Desktop Tools to Scan QR Code for PC

It is very easy to scan QR codes on PC. All you need is a suitable app installed on your computer. Using your web camera, the application will scan a QR code.

Let us have a look at the details.

  • Go to Start on Windows PC desktop. Here, search for Store.
  • When the Windows Store app opens, you need to type QR code bar scanner in the search bar on the top-right side of the Store window.
  • You will get a list of different QR Code Bar Scanners that you can download and install on your PC.
  • Find the one most suitable for you needs and click Get. The app will get downloaded on your computer.
  • Open the QR code reader app after it is installed and start scanning your QR codes using the app.
  • Follow the instructions given by the app and point the QR code towards the web cam.
  • If there is an app hidden in the QR code, it will get downloaded. In case of a link, a pop-up window will open or in case of videos or content, you will be able to view it and if there is any contact details, it will get synced with your contact list PC automatically.

The different types of QR scan apps for PC include:

  • CodeTwo QR Code Desktop Reader & Generator
  • SHAREit
  • QR Code Reader
  • Barcode Scanner & Reader Software
  • Scan - QR Code and Barcode Reader
  • BcWebCam
  • Scandit Barcode Scanner

These are some of the useful QR code scanners for Windows PC. All you need to do is install either of these apps on your Windows PC and use these applications for all your QR code scanning, reading as well as generating needs.



Saturday, 3 February 2018

How to Make Website Popular with Traffic Generation Methods

Owning a website or blog is no piece of cake. You need to carry out many tricks and continuously adapt to the ever-changing marketing trends to keep the flow of traffic smooth. You cannot sit back and relax waiting for things to happen itself. You need to put in a lot of effort to see things take a positive turn. Driving traffic to you website requires one to cross many obstacles and find the best solution that brings visitors to your website. There are a few simple tricks that teach us how to make website popular with traffic generation methods.

Let us go through these simple traffic generation methods to improve your website traffic and rankings.

Simple Methods to Make Websites Popular

Every business, marketer, blogger, anyone and everyone now has a website. This means the competition is really high if you wish to catch the eye of the reader. Whether you are selling products, offering services or maintaining a creative blog, you need to be smarter than the others to sell your website. The following tips will help you use your website the right way, generate traffic and earn you profits.

1.Smart Use of LSI

LSI is the latest buzz word in SEO. LSI or long-tail keywords are very useful in optimization of your website. They give you the best results and allow users some solid lead to visit your website. They are just like you primary keywords. However, do not fit them in any sentences just like your primary keywords. Use them wisely and spread them around evenly to help the search engines direct users to your website. An example of a long-tail keyword: Professional Cat Care – Cat Grooming.

2.Use Social Media to its Fullest

If you own a business website, then the best thing to do is open a Facebook, Google+, or Instagram page. You could even Tweet on Twitter using your business and generate leads to your main website. Your followers on these social media pages will definitely reach your main website and help you generate traffic as well as sell more.

3.Be a Part of a Forum

You could add a forum page to your website or become a part of an active forum group. You should find active forum related to your niche and answer to topics with the most amount of activity. Make sure your answers are quality answers with complete information. Leave a link to your blog, profile, or website at the end of your answer.

4.Use the Social Bookmarking Tool

Social bookmarking is a smart way to bring in free traffic to your page. Use websites such as Delicious, Digg, etc. to share your products, services, blogs with as many people as possible. Keep sharing the social bookmarking tool of your social media pages and get more and more referrals to your website.

5.Choose a Smart and Catchy Ad Headline

About 8 out of 10 people read just the headline of an ad and never bother about the rest of the ad. Thus, make your headlines worth a second glance and grab the eyeballs of the audience. Your ads may feature on platform, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, or appear as a pay per click. The secret traffic generation method is to create an impactful ad headline.

6.Go Viral

One of the best marketing strategies is to make your product, service, or blog viral. You need to spread your message or business throughout the web world like a wildfire. Choose your viral messages wisely so that they create an awareness related to your brand. You could try funny videos, DIY tutorials, interesting animation clips or interesting blogs that compiles people to share it with their friends. Soon, your strategy becomes viral and starts translating into traffic which in turn keeps your cash registers ringing.

This is how to make websites popular with traffic generation methods. Give these tricks a try and jam your website with audiences, customers, as well as commenters.



Best Plugins for WordPress You Should Not Miss

WordPress sites are awesome and adding plugins makes it even more amazing. If you too are a WordPress user and need to improve certain features of your website or add more functionality to your web store, then you can choose from a vast variety of plugins. These plugins offer an extension to your basic website functionality without having to hire or depend on a web developer for coding it for you.

We shall focus on the best plugins for WordPress you should not miss adding to your website.

Top 5 Plugins for WordPress to Try

There are tons of features that you can add to your core software using WordPress plugins. Just find the right plugins for your website and improve the flexibility and functionality of your website.


According to Google, a website should load within 2 seconds when a visitor visits your page. If it even takes 8 seconds, the visitor may lose patience and leave before they even view your page. Google too won’t be kind enough to rank you higher in the search results as well.

Hummingbird comes to your aid and helps you load your page in split seconds. It sans the site and provides you with its analysis. It will give you an overall score of the site’s speed and helps you click any issues with a few clicks. The Hummingbird is a useful tool for those with a need for a speed.


Jetpack is a must for every WordPress website. It has many awesome features that include website performance, traffic growth, image optimization, website appearance, website security, and tons of more features.

Jetpack has a distribution system that automatically shares you published content to third-party services such as search engines. Thus improving website traffic and its ranking. It also indexes your site so that search engines can create sitemaps. When it comes to security, it prevents an attack on your website and monitors the downtime every 5 minutes.

3.User Registration

When you enable the ‘Anyone can register’ option in WordPress, it allows any visitor visiting your website to register themselves. It requires the visitor to just add their email address and password. Also, the visitor needs to first find the website’s login page URL. This feature just collects the username and email of the visitor and cannot give you any more insight about the visitors.

To solve this problem, you can use a user-friendly and simple plugin called User Registration. It is a free drag and drop user registration plugin for WordPress. It has many features that help you create a beautiful front-end registration form in just a few minutes.

4.WP Smush


What catches the eye of any visitor to your website? Of course, it’s the images. You need to upload attractive images to grab the attention of the visitor and send your message across. Images should be appealing, attractive and catchy. When you use the best images, it not just improves the overall look of your website, but also eats up a lot of storage space and slows down your website. A slow site speed is a death knell for a website owner.

In order to overcome this problem, you need WP Smush. It compresses and optimizes your images without hampering image quality. It optimizes all images in JPEG, GIF, and PNG format. Thus, saving a lot of storage space and smush bulk data up to 50 attachments at a time. WP Smush not just keeps your storage space free but also lets you maintain the attractiveness of your website.

5.Broken Link Checker

There is one thing that is often missed by many website admins; broken links. One tends to edit the grammatical mistakes, spelling errors and even go through the image clarity and relevancy. Links added to the content is often missed and many times a broken link can turn out to be a game changer for your website, especially e-stores.

In order to monitor your links, just install a useful plugin for WordPress called Broken Link Checker. It does its job silently in the background and checks for all broken links in your content, comments or any other place on the website. It will notify you immediately and even tell you about any missing images on the webpage for your quick action.

These are a few of the best plugins for WordPress you should not miss to improve your website's functionality. There are thousands of useful plugins for WordPress that includes social media plugins as well as tools to improve your business. Just find the right one as per your need and find a difference instantly.

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