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Best Plugins for WordPress You Should Not Miss

WordPress sites are awesome and adding plugins makes it even more amazing. If you too are a WordPress user and need to improve certain features of your website or add more functionality to your web store, then you can choose from a vast variety of plugins. These plugins offer an extension to your basic website functionality without having to hire or depend on a web developer for coding it for you.

We shall focus on the best plugins for WordPress you should not miss adding to your website.

Top 5 Plugins for WordPress to Try

There are tons of features that you can add to your core software using WordPress plugins. Just find the right plugins for your website and improve the flexibility and functionality of your website.


According to Google, a website should load within 2 seconds when a visitor visits your page. If it even takes 8 seconds, the visitor may lose patience and leave before they even view your page. Google too won’t be kind enough to rank you higher in the search results as well.

Hummingbird comes to your aid and helps you load your page in split seconds. It sans the site and provides you with its analysis. It will give you an overall score of the site’s speed and helps you click any issues with a few clicks. The Hummingbird is a useful tool for those with a need for a speed.


Jetpack is a must for every WordPress website. It has many awesome features that include website performance, traffic growth, image optimization, website appearance, website security, and tons of more features.

Jetpack has a distribution system that automatically shares you published content to third-party services such as search engines. Thus improving website traffic and its ranking. It also indexes your site so that search engines can create sitemaps. When it comes to security, it prevents an attack on your website and monitors the downtime every 5 minutes.

3.User Registration

When you enable the ‘Anyone can register’ option in WordPress, it allows any visitor visiting your website to register themselves. It requires the visitor to just add their email address and password. Also, the visitor needs to first find the website’s login page URL. This feature just collects the username and email of the visitor and cannot give you any more insight about the visitors.

To solve this problem, you can use a user-friendly and simple plugin called User Registration. It is a free drag and drop user registration plugin for WordPress. It has many features that help you create a beautiful front-end registration form in just a few minutes.

4.WP Smush


What catches the eye of any visitor to your website? Of course, it’s the images. You need to upload attractive images to grab the attention of the visitor and send your message across. Images should be appealing, attractive and catchy. When you use the best images, it not just improves the overall look of your website, but also eats up a lot of storage space and slows down your website. A slow site speed is a death knell for a website owner.

In order to overcome this problem, you need WP Smush. It compresses and optimizes your images without hampering image quality. It optimizes all images in JPEG, GIF, and PNG format. Thus, saving a lot of storage space and smush bulk data up to 50 attachments at a time. WP Smush not just keeps your storage space free but also lets you maintain the attractiveness of your website.

5.Broken Link Checker

There is one thing that is often missed by many website admins; broken links. One tends to edit the grammatical mistakes, spelling errors and even go through the image clarity and relevancy. Links added to the content is often missed and many times a broken link can turn out to be a game changer for your website, especially e-stores.

In order to monitor your links, just install a useful plugin for WordPress called Broken Link Checker. It does its job silently in the background and checks for all broken links in your content, comments or any other place on the website. It will notify you immediately and even tell you about any missing images on the webpage for your quick action.

These are a few of the best plugins for WordPress you should not miss to improve your website's functionality. There are thousands of useful plugins for WordPress that includes social media plugins as well as tools to improve your business. Just find the right one as per your need and find a difference instantly.

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