Friday, 16 February 2018

Changing The Password on a Windows 10 Computer

Protecting our computer from nosy friends or keeping sensitive information safe should be a priority for all computer users. It is important to keep your computer password protected even if you do not have anything to hide on your PC. Changing the password on a Windows 10 computer is as easy as a breeze.

Let us learn from the following article the methods of changing to a new password on Windows 10.

How to Change Password in Windows 10?

It takes only a couple of minutes to change a password on Windows 10. We shall show you the three simple ways that can help you change your password.

Password Method

1.Click on the Start button at the bottom of your screen.
2.Go to Settings on the left and select Accounts.
3.Click on Sign-in options and then you will see Password.
4.Here you can click on Change and you will be asked to sign in to your Microsoft account password.
5.Enter your password and you will be sent a new code to change your password on the linked mobile number. You will need to enter the last 4-digits of your mobile number to verify if it is the correct number.
6.After you receive the code, enter it and you will be directed to a new page.
7.Enter the old password and type the new password. Re-enter the new password and hit Enter.
8.You will get a message that says you have successfully changed your password.

PIN Method

1.You need to follow the steps 1-4 from the above method.
2.Now, under PIN, click on Add.
3.Change your password by signing into your account and entering your password.
4.You will be asked to Enter a new PIN and then Confirm PIN. Click OK and now, you can use this PIN to access your Microsoft account.

Picture Method

1.Complete the steps 1-4 as the Password method.
2.Under the Picture password click on Add.
3.You will be asked to Enter your Microsoft account password to verify if it is your account. Click OK.
4.Click on Choose picture and then choose either Use this picture or Choose new picture.
5.You will be asked to set up three gestures that become a part of your picture password. Draw lines or circles that coordinate with the photo using the cursor.
6.Once you are done, you will get a message that says Congratulations. You have successfully created your picture password.

Simply use either of the three methods for changing the password on a Windows 10 computer.



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