Friday, 23 February 2018

Delete Deleted Files Permanently from Windows

Do you think the files you delete on your computer are lost forever? Well, the files you delete from a folder or desktop reach the recycle bin. You can even clear the recycle bin completely. However, your files are not obliterated from your system. Their path are destroyed, however, the files remain somewhere within the system, difficult to extract.

There are certain ways that make sure all the deleted files from Windows are permanently deleted. In the following article, we shall learn how to delete deleted files permanently from Windows.

Using Cipher to Delete Wiped Files from Windows

When you delete a file, it does not get wiped off completely from your hard disk. Instead the removed files are still present on your hard disk and just get overwritten by other files. In order to remove these deleted files and free up space in the hard disk, you can use the inbuilt tool by Windows, called the Cipher.

When you use Cipher it deletes files in three phases. First it fills up space with zero data then it fills it with 0xFF numbers and finally it fills it up with random numbers. As it deletes in three phases, it takes a lot of time to clear unwanted, deleted data. Thus, before you start Cipher, make sure you close all apps and give the tool plenty of time to do its work.

Remember, once you run Cipher, there will be absolutely no way to recover any of the deleted files from your computer. Thus, make sure you really want to run this utility tool.

1.Open Command Prompt in Windows Taskbar Search and right-click on it.
2.From the drop-down list select Run as Administrator.
3.Type cipher /w:C  in the command prompt and hit Enter.
4.In case you wish to permanently delete all deleted files in a particular folder, then you need to use the command cipher /w:[drive]:\folder_name.
5.If you wish to delete files only in C drive then use the command cipher /w:C, If you need to delete files in D drive then replace C with D.
6.In case you want to delete files inside a particular folder, then type the name of the folder in place of folder_name.

Cipher completes the process in three steps so make sure you have plenty of patience till the task is complete.

Use of Utility Tools

There are plenty of utility tools that help in deleting deleted files permanently from your computer. If you take a look, you will find plenty of utility apps that you can download and use to clear off unwanted deleted files from your hard disk memory.

Some of the popular freeware and security tools that completely remove data from your hard drive include:

4.Wondershare SafeEraser

Try these methods and delete deleted files permanently from Windows. These methods will make sure the deleted files are completely removed from your hard drive memory permanently.



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