Sunday, 4 February 2018

How to Scan QR Code on PC?

Have you noticed two dimensional designs of square dots printed on various products or ads, banners, websites, email signatures and even business cards?

Well, these are QR codes or Quick Response Codes that contain information, links to a video or a website or a file, email address, contact details or vCards, etc. You need to scan these codes to get the information hidden behind the pattern.

There are many QR code scanners for phones, but did you know that you can even scan QR code on PC? Don’t know how to scan QR code on PC? Then, read on and allow us to explain how you can scan QR codes using your computer.

Use Desktop Tools to Scan QR Code for PC

It is very easy to scan QR codes on PC. All you need is a suitable app installed on your computer. Using your web camera, the application will scan a QR code.

Let us have a look at the details.

  • Go to Start on Windows PC desktop. Here, search for Store.
  • When the Windows Store app opens, you need to type QR code bar scanner in the search bar on the top-right side of the Store window.
  • You will get a list of different QR Code Bar Scanners that you can download and install on your PC.
  • Find the one most suitable for you needs and click Get. The app will get downloaded on your computer.
  • Open the QR code reader app after it is installed and start scanning your QR codes using the app.
  • Follow the instructions given by the app and point the QR code towards the web cam.
  • If there is an app hidden in the QR code, it will get downloaded. In case of a link, a pop-up window will open or in case of videos or content, you will be able to view it and if there is any contact details, it will get synced with your contact list PC automatically.

The different types of QR scan apps for PC include:

  • CodeTwo QR Code Desktop Reader & Generator
  • SHAREit
  • QR Code Reader
  • Barcode Scanner & Reader Software
  • Scan - QR Code and Barcode Reader
  • BcWebCam
  • Scandit Barcode Scanner

These are some of the useful QR code scanners for Windows PC. All you need to do is install either of these apps on your Windows PC and use these applications for all your QR code scanning, reading as well as generating needs.



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