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What is the Default IP Address for Broadband Routers?

All broadband routers have IP addresses that are very easy to locate. There are two IP addresses for a broadband router. These include the private address and the other is an external public IP address. The internal private address is used to communicate on the local network and the public IP address helps in communication with the external networks on the Internet.

Let us have a look the following article to learn what is the default IP address for broadband routers.

Finding the Default IP Address for Broadband Routers

An IP address is like the zip code for an address. Each router has its own set of numbers that determines it location. You can easily find the IP address for a router by following these steps.

Finding Default Public IP Address

The external IP address is set when the router is connected to an Internet Service Provider (ISP) with the help of a broadband modem. The best way to find the default public IP address is by going to ‘Google’ and typing ‘my IP’ in the Google search box. Google will come back with the public IP address for your computer. Other than this, you could always go to different websites that help in finding your IP such as or or

Finding the Private IP Address

To find the default internal IP address, you need to go to Start or press the Windows key on your keyboard. In the search box type cmd and hit Enter. The black window will open and you need to type ipconfig and press enter again.

The computer will display your private IP address as IPv4 Address. This is the private IP address with which you can communicate with any other device in your network.

You could even find the default router IP address printed on the router device itself. Manufacturers also print the default IP address in their manuals. Most of the time, the most common IP address of a broadband router is (D-Link and NETGEAR routers).

Some may even use:

Just try these simple methods and you will be able to answer the question what is the default IP address for broadband routers.

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