Monday, 19 March 2018

Simple Ways to Take a Screenshot on Android Phones

Taking a screenshot is the easiest way to save a conversation, a mobile banking receipt, photo, or anything you need to refer later on. Different manufacturers have their ways of taking a screenshot or you can rely on different apps in the Play Store to take a screenshot.

Let us have a look at the simple ways to take a screenshot on Android phones.

How to Take Screenshot on Android Phones?

There are some common ways that help you grab a screenshot on your Android phone or tablet.

Let us have a look at these easy methods to take a screen grab.

1.Power and Volume Button

The most easy and widely used method is to hit your Power and Volume Button down simultaneously. This easy method was introduced in Android phones running on Ice cream Sandwich 4.0. The trick is to time the pressing of the buttons right, or else you will end up with the volume control appearing on the final screenshot.

2.Use In-Built Shortcuts

Phone manufacturers come up with their own in-built screenshot shortcuts. Many phones such as Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 or S5 or any other latest Galaxy models require with a swipe of your hand to take a screenshot. Go to settings in S5, find motion and then enable Palm Swipe Capture. In S3 and S4, find Motion and Gestures and enable Motion and Palm Motion. Once done, just set your and vertically on either side of the screen, like a karate-chop. Swipe it across the screen and you will hear a camera shutter. This means your screenshot has been successfully been saved to your gallery. Most Samsung devices released after 2013 have this option.

3.Use Power and Home Button

Another easy way is to press your Power and Home button on your device simultaneously. You will hear a camera shutter and your screen grab will be saved in your gallery on successfully completing the task.

4.Using S Pen

Galaxy Note 8, Note 5, Note 4, Note 3, and other devices that can work with a S Pen can use this easy method to take screenshots. Open the Air Command menu by pulling out the S Pen stylus or hovering the pen over the screen and clicking the button on it. Then choose Screen Write and take a screenshot. You can even edit the image by writing over it or cropping the image. Once done, tap on Share or Save.

5.Third-party Applications

You can always try downloading any of third party-apps from Play store and take screenshot. These apps come with other features that allow you to do more than just take a simple screenshot.
It is up to you to choose from these simple ways to take a screenshot on Android phones. Most of the devices other than Samsung often require pressing of the Home key along with the Volume Down button. Just give it a try and you will be able to take screenshots easily with practice.



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