Sunday, 4 March 2018

Best Ways to Keep FTP Folders in Sync with Google Drive

Users today know the importance of keeping back up of their folders and files on their devices. There are many good cloud storage websites that stores these files and folders from various devices on their servers. Once such cloud backup service widely used by people around the world is FTP server.

However, data in the files and folders may constantly be changed, edited, or updated. In such a case, you may need to sync your FTP folder with other FTP folder or cloud service such as Google Drive. The best way to keep the folders up-to-date in every cloud drive is by syncing FTP folder with Google drive automatically.

In the following article, we shall have a look at the best ways to keep FTP folders in sync with Google drive.

How to Synchronize FTP Folders on FTP Server to Google Drive?

There are numerous methods that help automatically back up data from a device and sync with Google Drive.

Syncing Files from FTP Server to Google Drive from Desktop

One of the easiest ways to sync folders and files from your desktop with Google Drive is use of desktop FTP client. These clients include Cyberduck for Microsoft Windows and Mac (free) as well as Transmit for Mac (paid). However, the problem is you need to run these applications manually from your computer. To skip this manual step, you can try using Microsoft Flow.

Microsoft Flow  

Microsoft Flow is an online automation service that helps you create unlimited workflows. Using the free plan you can create these unlimited workflows every 15 minutes. It not just helps you sync your FTP/ SFTP server with Google Drive, but also syncs it with OneDrive, and DropBox.

Handy backup

You could even try Handy Backup. It is an automating solution that helps transferring FTP files to Google Drive and vice versa. The important advantage of using Handy Backup is the complete automation of every operational stage. When you use the FTP option and the Google Drive as the FTP data destination, an unbreakable link is created between them. Thus, once you set up your target, and set the task to run at a particular schedule and frequency, you never have to worry about losing any data ever.


Another useful application that helps you sync your FTP folder with Google Drive is MultCloud. It is a free, Web based app that allows users to manage their multiple cloud accounts from a single interface and transfer or sync files between cloud drives such as Google Drive. It works seamlessly on other drives such as MEGA, pCloud, WebDav, OneDrive, FTP server, etc.

You could try ‘One-way Sync’ or ‘Two-way Sync’ and directly transfer files from one cloud to another cloud drive.

These are some of the best ways to keep FTP folders in sync with Google Drive. Try the one that suits your needs and find a solution to all your backup issues.



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