Tuesday, 31 July 2018

How to Clean Your Android’s Data Permanently

Smartphones have become our second soul. They contain all the important names and contacts of the people we know, our memories in form of photographs and videos, music and movies for entertainment, games and utility apps to make life interesting, and much more. Our smartphones contain passwords to almost all out accounts that includes emails, social media apps, online shopping apps, and even mobile banking passwords, or credit card details. It is just like a digital form of ourselves. Thus, when we plan to give away our smartphone or sell it off, it makes us worry about unknowingly passing away our secrets to someone unknown.

Thus, we always look for ways that helps us erase data permanently from our android phone. We will help you learn how to clean your android’s data permanently without giving any one a chance to hack into your phone’s memory.

Delete Data on Android Such That It Can Never Be Recovered

Factory reset is the most common way to clean your android’s data permanently. However, factory rest does not always clean up certain information such as multimedia files, emails, etc. from the internal memory. Do not fright as there is a way that helps you do factory reset without leaving any data in the internal memory.

Encrypt Data

Encryption is the best way to ensure data on your phone remains unrecoverable. Encryption takes all the data on your phone and jumbles it into garbage. The information when read will appear as a garbled mess with no meaning at all. So even if some data remains on the phone after a factory rest, it will remain as illegible garbage.

Before you start encryption of your phone, make sure your phone is charged and a charger is nearby. You can even keep the phone plugged into a charger as this does take a really long time. This is because at times encryption may take a couple of hours as per the amount of data on your phone.

The general steps to encrypt data include:

Settings> Security> Encrypt phone.

On Samsung Galaxy phones:

Settings> Lock screen & security> Protect encrypted data.

Those using Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above, keep in mind, the data is encrypted by default. So, you just need to go ahead and carry out factory reset of the phone.

Factory Reset of Android

Before you hit the reset button, make sure all your data is properly backed up. Either transfer all your contacts, images, videos, music files, folders, etc. to your new smartphone or upload them on a cloud such as Google Drive. Now, let’s see the general steps to factory reset an Android phone.

You need to go to:

Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset. Then tap Reset phone or Reset device.

Samsung Galaxy users need to:

Settings > General Management > Reset > Factory Data Reset and tap Reset Device.

Once it is done, your data will be completely wiped off the phone and data that can be recovered will be encrypted into garbled mess. Thus, making it safe for you to pass on the phone or sell it to someone else.

Overwrite with Data

In case you have too many secrets and need to be absolutely sure that nothing is ever recoverable, then you need to overwrite data on your internal storage. Just fill the phone with dummy data or record a long video using your phone camera as long as the internal memory is not completely out of space. Then, go ahead and carry out another factory data reset and your phone will no longer have any traces whatsoever of your old data.

You can even go in for third party apps available on the Play Store for cleaning your android’s data permanently.

Some of the options include:
  • Secure Erase with iShredder 6
  • Undeleter
  • TunesBro Android Eraser
  • Secure Wipe
This is all about how to clean your android’s data permanently. Try these methods and safely sell your old phones without worrying about the risk of data theft.



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