Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Top 10 Places to Find the Best Free Stock Photos

Writing a wonderful blog gives immense satisfaction and one can’t wait to publish it online. Adding a few images that add to the essence of your content. Images from many paid photo websites are often cold and emotionless. You see the same or similar kind of men or women with a stale and blank look. It actually breaks the entire gist of the article and gives an unrealistic angle to the content.

You can’t just pick images from Google as you may land up in hot soup due to copyright infringement. So, what does one do to add the perfect visual aid to your perfectly worded content?

If you are looking for interesting, inspirational, and game changing photos and want to avoid the cheesy, game killing images from stock sites, then you are in luck. We will discuss the top 10 places to find the best free stock photos that will breathe a new life into your website.

Best Free Stock Photograph Sites

There are a number of free stock photo websites that offer low resolution, blurred or watermarked images. You can’t use these photos and need to limit their use. We have scanned through many websites and found top 10 places to find the best free stock photos for you.

The best thing about these websites is offering images that are free from copyright restrictions, licensed under commons public domain and does not require any special permission to modify, distribute, or work for commercial purposes.

Caution: Some of the images require attribution on use. You should go through all the details before using images from the websites mentioned and determine if the images require attribution or are free from any restriction.


One of the largest collections of beautiful photographs is available on StockSnap.io. The images available are clear and in high resolution. You can easily search for images on the site and go through thousands of images that suit your needs. Most of the images released are under public domain and thus, no attribution is required.

2.Negative Space

Looking for images that range from architecture to technology? Negative Space is the best website that offers you a wide range of images without copyright restrictions that are free to be used as per your need. The images are easily sortable by category, color, copy space position, etc.

3.Death to Stock

Death to Stock helps you find free high-quality images that fit your bill. All you need to do is submit your email address to them and they will send you fresh stock of images every month in your inbox. If you wish, you can try their Premium membership for $15/month or $180/year. This paid membership will get you access to more images as well as pay a part of it to photographers for their trips and projects.


You will love their high quality images that are all licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. They are tagged and easily searchable so that you get what you want in no time.


Burst by Shopify will provide best images to entrepreneurs that add a glam touch to their marketing campaign, website, and products. These free stock photos for entrepreneurs have Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. Most of the images are original taken in-house and the themes are all connected to different business niches.


Looking for images for your website or blog? The best place to search for photos is Picjumbo. They add new photos almost daily and have wide variety of high-quality images. You can even try their paid package for bloggers, designers, and agencies for $10/ month or go in for a handy plugin for Photoshop and Sketch at just $7.99/month.


You will find 10 new images uploaded every two weeks on Stokpic. These images are perfect for use as a template, for ads, or wherever you wish.


Kaboompics is the creative masterpiece for all awesome images by Karolina, a web designer from Poland. You may need to include a photo credit with a backlink to the site if possible.

9.Startup Stock Photos

As the name suggests, the photos are for startups to start something big with these free images.

10. Fancy Crave

Fancy Crave offers pretty amazing photographs without any copyright restrictions. All you are asked to do is never attribute the photographs as your own and give the photographers their due credit as and when you can.

These are the top 10 places to find the best free stock photos for your website, blog, or marketing campaigns. There are plenty of other websites that will give your copyright restriction free photos so why depend on the paid accounts of stock photos which give you monotonous, unrelatable, and emotionless images for your needs.



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