Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Microsoft Edge Supports Passwordless Sign-ins

Microsoft Edge will now allow users to securely sign-in to their accounts without the trouble to entering the passwords. Microsoft has introduced the Web Authentication feature in the Microsoft Edge browser. Thus, users can have a better and secure way of surfing the Internet without passwords.

The Web Authentication specification will help users log on with the help of Windows Hello hardware. This means the IR cameras and the fingerprint readers along with PINs or external FIDO2 security keys will be used to authenticate users.

Users can install the Windows Insider Preview build 17723 or higher or wait till it is available for the general public in Windows 10 version 1809. As this is one of the very latest technologies, many websites still need to catch up with it. Also, it is made with backwards compatibility with external FIDO U2F security devices. Thus, it will take time for all mainstream websites to adopt.

This method is being adopted by Microsoft as today we allow many websites to store our credit card numbers, addresses, as well as other sensitive personal information for regular use. However, all this is secured only using a password that is soon becoming an outdated security model.

In order to access the web securely and safely, passwords are given a pass as they are hard to memorize and at risk to phishing and cracking.

With Windows Hello, users can authenticate any account using their biometrics such as the face and fingerprint recognition. Or they can just use a PIN to sign in.

This new technology will definitely change the way we use the Internet and make it more secure and protected from hackers and identity thieves.



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