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Top Best Keyboard Shortcuts

Top Best Keyboard Shortcuts One Must Know

If you are a regular computer user it is a must to know certain keyboard shortcuts that will make your life easy. There are many top keyboard shortcuts an average user must know, but are often overlooked.

This article will help you learn about the top best keyboard shortcuts one must know to improve productivity as well as reduce strain of a tedious repetitive action.

Top Must Know Keyboard Shortcuts

These keyboard shortcuts not just help reduce the time spent typing, but also eliminates the use of mouse or completing extra steps.

1.Ctrl + A

Press the Ctrl key on your keyboard along with A. This step will help select everything on the window you are working on such as current folders, document, page, etc.

2.Ctrl+C /Ctrl+Insert

This allows you to copy any selected image, document, line, item, etc. on clipboard.


The easiest way to remove certain text, image, item, folder, etc. and move it to clipboard is Ctrl+X.


This is the easiest way to paste any item, folder, image, text, document, etc. to another program or window after you have carried out Ctrl+C /Ctrl+Insertand/or Ctrl+X.


This helps in opening the search window in most programs such as browsers as well as Microsoft Office applications.


The best way to save any document, file, webpage, etc. is by pressing Ctrl+S.


If you wish to undo your last action especially in a Microsoft Office application, browser, etc. just press Ctrl+Z.

8.Ctrl+Left Arrow/Right Arrow

You can move your cursor without moving your mouse to the previous word or beginning of the next world by pressing Ctrl+Left Arrow or Ctrl+RightArrow.

9.Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow/Right Arrow

This command will help highlight the previous word by pressing left or highlight the next word by pressing right.


You can delete the word on the left of your cursor.

11.Ctrl+Home or Ctrl+End

This command helps you reach the start or the end of the document or page.


This command helps you delete any highlighted item directly without moving it to the recycle bin.


If you have many tabs open on your browser, the best way to move through them is by pressing Ctrl+Tab.


Give print command by pressing Ctrl+P.


You can paste items on current clipboard in plain text.


You can paste any item in a particular format by choosing a format from the options given.

17.Windows Key+L

This helps lock your PC.

18.Windows Key+M

This command minimizes all windows on your screen.


You can rename a highlighted file by pressing F2.

20. Shift+F3

You can convert words typed in CAPS into small letters.


If your computer has stalled or hanged, then you need to perform the ‘Three-Finger Salute’. This means press Ctrl+Alt+Delete simultaneously to open ‘Task Manager’ and shut down the frozen program that is stalling your screen.

These are some of the top best keyboard shortcuts one must know when using the PC. These shortcuts not just minimize the time and actions taken to complete a certain task, but also helps improve your productivity in the long run.



Tips for Buying a Computer Motherboard

Simple Tips for Amateurs Buying aComputer Motherboard

A motherboard is said to be the backbone of a computer. It is a printed circuit board used by many components to communicate and provide different connectors for the Central Processing Unit (CPU), Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), memory, and storage.

As you can see the motherboard is an important part of your computer and you need to buy one that will suit your need as well not break down.

The following simple tips for amateurs buying a computer motherboard will help you find the right product. You need to make sure the motherboard suits your needs of today as well as work find for needs of the future. This means if your needs are never going to change then find a motherboard that will complete your exact requirements or else it is a better idea to invest in something that can support your future needs.

Tips for Buying Computer Motherboard

You may be looking forward to build your own PC or may be thinking of upgrading your current PC. The only thing that will remain constant as the foundation of your PC is the motherboard. The following tips for buying a computer motherboard will come handy when you go shopping.

1. The Platform

Before you decide your motherboard, make sure you know which CPU you are going to invest in. It can either be Intel or AMD. It does not matter if you go in for AMD or Intel as both are the masters of their game, what matters is the motherboard. This is because each CPU requires a different socket and chipset. The AMD CPUs use AM4 sockets and the Intel 8th Gen Core CPUs use the LGA 1151v2 sockets. You don’t need to understand the chipset, but it is important that the motherboard has the right chipset and the correct socket for the CPU you are planning to use.

2. The Size Matters

Motherboards are available in different sizes. This helps provide some flexibility when building a PC. The size not just helps define the space they take up but also the number of components they supports. There are three types of motherboards based on size: ATX, Micro-ATX, and the Mini-ITX. The basic idea is large the size of the motherboard, more the number of components it will be able to support. Keep in mind, not all cases will be able to support all the form factors. Thus, you will want to make sure the motherboard and the case match.

3. The Expansion Factor

Apart from CPU, motherboards can connect different components. These include the graphics cards, sound cards, networking cards, storage devices, connections, etc. The standard. The four sizes of PCIe will define the throughput of the connection and size. The four slot sizes include the x1, x4, x8, and x16. The x4 and x16 are the most common sizes. It is important you make sure there are enough slots and they have enough space to fit all your required components.

4. The GPU Support

The GPU or graphics card is very important it is what helps in displaying images on your screen. You need to make sure your motherboard can support the GPU as per your intended use. The integrated GPUs with the Intel CPUs as well as AMD CPUs are good for general productivity as well as less-graphic games. However, if you are all out into gaming or video editing, then you need to choose a GPU that helps faster processing. This is where you need to keep in mind the kind of GPU you need to connect to your motherboard and how many GPUs can be supported by the motherboard.

5. The RAM Game

RAM or Random Access Memory is the memory where the PC stores information when it is turned on. Most PCs come with 4GB RAM. However, 8GB RAM is great for light users and if you are a heavy user, then go in for 16GB or more. So, where does the motherboard come into picture? Well, the RAM is plugged into the motherboard with the help of a rectangular slot called the dual in-line memory module (DIMM). The number of DIMM slots present in a motherboard help decide how much RAM can be added. Usually there are two to eight slots for RAM. The capacity ranges from 1 GB DIMMs up to 128 DIMMs. You need not worry about 128 DIMMs as it is usually opted for servers.

6. Storage Needs

You need storage to store your operating system as well as the data or information on your PC. You need to consider the storage connectors when buying the motherboard. It will include the kind of connections and how many connections you need to add storage. The most common storage connection is ATA, or SATA. You also need to choose between a hard disk drive (HDD) and solid-state drives (SSD). The HDDs are less expensive and offer more storage space, whereas SSDs are expensive with extra speed for copying data. You can choose between SSD and HDD, but remember your motherboard should be able to support your requirements today as well as of the future. Also, remember you may need to attach external storage at times such as pen drives, external hard disk, or memory card, so your motherboard should be able to handle all these requirements.

These are some simple tips for amateurs buying a computer motherboard. Choose your motherboard carefully by weighing all your present and future needs as well as the cost factor. If the motherboard fails, then you have no option but to consider buying a new PC at times.



Thursday, 3 January 2019

How to Disable Google Assistant On Android Device?

Tired of the unwanted assistance given by Google Assistant? Are you stuck with such a predicament such that you feel like banging your phone on the floor to get rid of the annoying Google assistant?

Google Assistant is built to help you with solutions, yet most of the times it tends to increase your problems. If you too are irritated by this annoying personal assistant, then the following article on how to disable Google Assistant on Android devices will be a useful read.

Disabling Google Assistant

Google Assistant is the virtual personal assistant on Android devices. It is in-built in all Android phones with OS Marshmallow and above. However, a majority of users do not use Google Assistant. The Google Assistant is not the regular two-way engaging assistant. It never listens to what you need and ends up suggesting stuff that you don’t need to do. The assistant is the aggravator of all frustration in most cases. Just overcome the hassles of using Google Assistant by disabling it once and for all.

  1. Tap the home screen button and Google Assistant will appear.
  2. Once you have completed the Google Assistant setup, you will be able to see a ‘Compass’ icon on the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Tap on it and you will land on ‘Explore’ page. You will see three vertical dots on the top right hand corner. Tap over the three vertical dots.
  4. A drop-down menu will appear where you need to select ‘Settings’.
  5. You need to look for ‘Assistant’ tab and tap on it.
  6. Scroll down to see ‘Assisted Devices -> Phone’. Tap over Phone and you will be taken to a new page.
  7. Here, you will see the Google Assistant tab with a button. Click over the button to disable it. The button will turn grey from blue once disabled.
This is it. You have successfully disabled Google Assistant on Android device. Try this simple method and get rid of this annoying virtual personal assistant for good.



Top 25 Awesome Websites That Make You Smarter

They say reading is the best tonic for the brain.

With the majority of information present on the Internet, it is wise to spend some time away from silly social media websites and concentrate more on websites that help you learn something new.

In this article, we shall share the top 25 awesome websites that make you smarter in a cool way.

Let’s get started with the list of top 25 websites that make you clever.


If you have time on hand, then why don’t you try learning a new language? is the best app that helps you learn another language. If you have the will and are diligent enough then you will be able to learn different languages right from the comfort of your home.



Have a creative streak within you that you would love to share with the world? Then, try This is an awesome website that helps you learn the basics of web development.


Hone your skills related to growth marketing, design programming, data science, designing, business, and much more with Platzi. You have the opportunity to learn the best from the masters in the business on


This is an awesome website that helps you learn to play chess online. You can watch videos, play games and solve puzzles for free on the


A secret musician hiding within you? Then, visit and find the easiest way to learn to play the music you want. There are thousands of songs and exercises, as well as teacher-crafted lessons that help you learn the guitar, piano, bass and ukulele.


Have trouble falling asleep? Stress taking the fun out of your life? It is time to meet It is one of the best websites that help you mediate, sleep, learn to focus and overcome anxiety. It is a paid website that will help you access all the Calm Body programs and overcome all the tensions and worries in your life.


There are over 57,000 free eBooks and kindle books that can be downloaded or read online on It has the best literature online that is properly digitized and proofread by volunteers for education as well as entertainment.


Do you believe in Do-It-Yourself projects? is the best website that allows you to take up DIY projects and learn new creative skills related to stuff that you never knew even existed.


Turn yourself into a skilled language speaker using over 200 courses of rich content created by expert linguists on


Join for free and learn courses to degrees from the best universities and companies from around the world with the help of

11.Mental Floss is the best website if you want to learn some general knowledge on various topics under the sun. It has a section of big questions, amazing facts job secrets, daily quizzes, and much more.

12., or short for incorporation is the best website for a manager, team leader, executive, or a business owner who needs to find the right inspiration related to business growth, organizational development, and thought provoking ideas.

13. Discover Magazine

If you are fascinated by science, you will love It has content that will tickle your grey cells and leave you feeling smarter every time you visit its pages.

14. Brain Pickings

The is a true treasure for finding articles on technology, art, history, psychology, politics, anthropology, and much more.

15. TED: Inspirational Ideas Worth Spreading

TED that stands for ‘Technology, Entertainment, Design’.It now articles on every possible topics be it humanity, education, business, management, modern technology, origins of the universe and much more. So, if you want to learn a more about the real world you live in, then head over to

16. Khan Academy, a non-profit website is the best to gather knowledge for free. It covers scholastic topics for free and if you wish you can even volunteer to help translate or dub the available videos in your native language.


When it comes to finances and investments, it tends to make any lay person feel intimidated. If you too lack the understanding related to the financial market then turn over to has tons of material and tutorials that will keep you up-to-date regarding the matters of money.


Now, it is quite difficult to ask questions. The best way to get answers to the silliest questions you think have popped up in your mind is by asking over You will have users from around the world giving you wonderful answers and even expert opinions. If you are too shy to ask face-to-face, then Quora is the answer to your question.


Do you love to learn about a new country and its culture, history, currency, population and all that needs to be known about a country? is the best website to make you smarter by learning about various countries.


Need help to remember the stuff you study? Head over to It helps you memorize information using flashcards, videos, audio, and images to study faster and smarter.

21. The World Factbook

The World Factbook is a website by the CIA, yes, you read it right, The CIA. They have all the information regarding the world and most of it is made public via their website The World Factbook (


Love to travel the world, but don’t have the resources to plan a trip? Don’t worry and reach out to It is a website that let you connect to travelers around the world and experience different cultures right from your cozy couch.

23. Unplug the TV

Don’t waste time on TV and YouTube. Instead head over to and watch videos that not just refresh, but prove beneficial to your mind.

24. Digital Photography School

With camera’s becoming easily accessible, we all have a hidden photographer within us trying to become better. Enhance your photography skills using and be a part of an active forum to connect with a community of like-minded photographers.

25.Brain Pump

Who says chemistry and physics is boring? Visit and find entertaining videos on different topics related to chemistry, physics, history and much more. This website will definitely spice up your study routine.

These are some of the top 25 awesome websites that make you smart. The Internet is a huge ocean with plenty of fishes. It is up to you to find the fish of knowledge and use it to your benefit or waste your time by spending it over websites that just entertain and never benefit you in any way.