Friday, 18 January 2019

Top Best Keyboard Shortcuts

Top Best Keyboard Shortcuts One Must Know

If you are a regular computer user it is a must to know certain keyboard shortcuts that will make your life easy. There are many top keyboard shortcuts an average user must know, but are often overlooked.

This article will help you learn about the top best keyboard shortcuts one must know to improve productivity as well as reduce strain of a tedious repetitive action.

Top Must Know Keyboard Shortcuts

These keyboard shortcuts not just help reduce the time spent typing, but also eliminates the use of mouse or completing extra steps.

1.Ctrl + A

Press the Ctrl key on your keyboard along with A. This step will help select everything on the window you are working on such as current folders, document, page, etc.

2.Ctrl+C /Ctrl+Insert

This allows you to copy any selected image, document, line, item, etc. on clipboard.


The easiest way to remove certain text, image, item, folder, etc. and move it to clipboard is Ctrl+X.


This is the easiest way to paste any item, folder, image, text, document, etc. to another program or window after you have carried out Ctrl+C /Ctrl+Insertand/or Ctrl+X.


This helps in opening the search window in most programs such as browsers as well as Microsoft Office applications.


The best way to save any document, file, webpage, etc. is by pressing Ctrl+S.


If you wish to undo your last action especially in a Microsoft Office application, browser, etc. just press Ctrl+Z.

8.Ctrl+Left Arrow/Right Arrow

You can move your cursor without moving your mouse to the previous word or beginning of the next world by pressing Ctrl+Left Arrow or Ctrl+RightArrow.

9.Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow/Right Arrow

This command will help highlight the previous word by pressing left or highlight the next word by pressing right.


You can delete the word on the left of your cursor.

11.Ctrl+Home or Ctrl+End

This command helps you reach the start or the end of the document or page.


This command helps you delete any highlighted item directly without moving it to the recycle bin.


If you have many tabs open on your browser, the best way to move through them is by pressing Ctrl+Tab.


Give print command by pressing Ctrl+P.


You can paste items on current clipboard in plain text.


You can paste any item in a particular format by choosing a format from the options given.

17.Windows Key+L

This helps lock your PC.

18.Windows Key+M

This command minimizes all windows on your screen.


You can rename a highlighted file by pressing F2.

20. Shift+F3

You can convert words typed in CAPS into small letters.


If your computer has stalled or hanged, then you need to perform the ‘Three-Finger Salute’. This means press Ctrl+Alt+Delete simultaneously to open ‘Task Manager’ and shut down the frozen program that is stalling your screen.

These are some of the top best keyboard shortcuts one must know when using the PC. These shortcuts not just minimize the time and actions taken to complete a certain task, but also helps improve your productivity in the long run.



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