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How to Completely Wipe Data from your Smartphone?

How to Completely Wipe Data from your Smartphone?

Getting yourself a new phone? Do you need to sell your old phone? Or planning to give your phone to a service center for repair? In such cases, you need to make sure you clear all data from your phone before handing it over to any stranger or even a person you know well. This is because you don’t want your private conversations, contact numbers, photographs, videos, and much more falling into the hands of just anybody. Thus, you need to wipe data off your smartphone completely before you give it away.

The question is how to completely wipe data from your smartphone? We will show you how to clear all the data from Android smartphone.

How to Permanently Erase Data from Android Smartphone?

Smartphones have become an extension to our daily lives. They are not just instruments to communicate, but they have become as good as a virtual personal assistant to us. Smartphones have become our contact number diary, our personal photo diary, video gallery, online bank account, and much more. Thus, it is important to make sure all data on your smartphone is erased before handing it over to anybody.

Encrypt Your Device

Just carrying out a factory reset is not the safest method to wipe data off your phone. If you have a lot sensitive content on your phone, the best way to do it is first encryption and then factory reset your phone. To encrypt your device you need a lock screen password, a charged phone, and the phone should be plugged in to a charger.

Go to Settings-> Security->Encrypt Phone. Start the encryption process and make sure you have a lot of patience stored in yourself. It will take about an hour or more to encrypt your phone completely. DO NOT stop the process midway or you will lose data. Once the encryption is done the device will reboot and as for the password you had set before beginning the process.

Factory Reset

Now, once the encryption is complete, it will lead to all data that appears like a jumbled mess to anyone who tries to retrieve the data. You need to go to Setting->Backup & Reset-> Factory Data Reset.

Once the wiping process is complete, the phone will reboot and you will see the welcome screen just like it appeared when you first switched on your then new phone.

Overwrite with Junk

Encryption and factory reset is enough to give your phone away to any stranger safely. However, if you wish to be doubly sure nothing remains on your phone just make a junk video on your phone and save it on your internal storage.

This is all about how to complete wipe data from your smartphone.



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