Sunday, 3 February 2019

The Best Tech News Apps for Android

The Best Tech News Apps for Android That You Need on Your Phone in 2019

Keeping in touch with the latest tech news help you know the new developments in the world of technology. This article will introduce you with the best tech news apps for Android that you need on your phone in 2019. These tech news apps will make it easy for you to stay in touch with the latest news, reviews, products, and other interesting content for a tech-crazy reader.

Best Tech News Apps to Download from Google Play.

We shall see a list of news apps as well as completely tech news apps that will keep your smartphone buzzing with the latest happening in the tech world.

1.BeeBom – Instant Tech News

BeeBom is the best app on Google Play for getting tech news that matters. It brings you all the latest and trending news right on your phone screen. Learn what is trending in the tech world and even have a look at exclusive videos.

2.Gadgets 360

Gadgets 360 is the next best tech news apps that will keep you updated on the top breaking tech news, latest reviews, in-depth feature analysis, and more. It even shares content from NDTV’s shows such as Gadget Guru, Prime Tech band, etc.

P.S: You can even download Gadget 360 Hindi for news and information in Hindi.

3.CNET: Best Tech News, Reviews, Videos & Deals

Get the big stories of the day, expert advice, reviews and more on CNET. It has a stunning gallery of beautiful photographs, as well as breaking news alerts.


TechCrunch will bring all the top stories from the Silicon Valley, startups, venture capital, apps, gadgets, and more. You can quickly browse through all the latest topics and get free access to content on the TechCrunch website. It even offers users to save stories offline to read later on.

5.Geek Tech

This great tech news app for Android is fast, simple, and user friendly. It allows you to choose the topics you are interested in such as hardware, smartphones, applications, etc. You can even disable information you are not interested in the Geek Tech.

6.Tech News & Reviews

Get it all under one umbrella using Tech News & Reviews. It is an application that brings to you news, reviews, blogs and websites related to the world of technology, smartphones, games, hardware, and all that spells geek!

7.Digit Top 10

If you love tech news, then you definitely know all about and Digit magazine. This is one of the prime reasons to download Digit Top 10 on your phone. They cover the best products tested by their expert team and will give you an idea regarding the gadgets performance, quality, and value for money.

8.Tech News

Tech News is fast and simple. It is a RSS Feed Reader but different from other news app. It brings you the news directly without wasting time on user interface or news loading.

This is our list of best tech news apps for Android that you need on your phone in 2019. These tech news apps will keep any tech geek busy with the latest happenings in the world.

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