Thursday, 28 March 2019

How to Record a Call in a Smartphone?

There was a time where one needed to connect an external gadget to the base of a landline/wired telephone. This was the best way to record a conversation, yet it was quite risky. With the advent of smartphones, things look much easier when it comes to recording calls. There are many apps that help you record a call in smart phones. Some of the latest models also have an in-built smart phone recorder.

Let’s see how to record a call in a smartphone.

Recording Calls in Smartphones

There are many reasons as to why one needs to record a call in a smartphone. You may want to keep evidence of your conversation with a person who you may think will backtrack on their commitment later. Or you may interview an important person via a phone call and need to keep the recorded conversation to write your article. Some may record the phone call for business or profession related record as well. Whatever may be the reason, it is now very convenient to record phone calls in a smartphone.

Before you look at the methods to record a conversation on a smartphone, you need to make sure you have read all about your state laws regarding recording phone call.

Best Call Recording Apps for Android and Apple Smartphones

Android phones withversion 8.0 and above now have an in-built call recording feature. Just go to Phone Settings Record Calls. Here you have the option of auto-recording calls and storing the recording calls on the phones internal memory or SD card. In some cases, you can record the call after you make or receive the call. Just connect a call and tap on the three vertical dots on the right hand corner of the screen. You will get the option of Record Call.

Android phone users can download other third-party apps to record phone calls. There are many phone recorders available on Google Play, some of the best ones include:

  • Call Recorder by Green Apple Studio
  • Smart Call Recorder by Neavo
  • Automatic Call Recorder for Android
  • Google Voice

In case of iOS, there is no –n-built button for recording calls. You need to use third-party apps or service. If you do not wish to download a third-party app, then you can call your voicemail on your iPhone. You need to call the person you wish to talk to and tap ‘Add Call’. Now, dial your own phone number you are calling from. This will lead to a busy tone which will in-turn go to voicemail. The voicemail will start recording the call and you need to tap ‘Merge Calls’ on your screen. This will record the phone conversation on your voicemail. Once done, share the recorded call by exporting it to your Mac using Airdrop or Voice Memos, etc.

Third-party apps for iPhone to record phone calls include:

  • Automatic Call Recorder Pro
  • Call Recorder Lite

These are some of the ways that help you record a call in smart phones. Use these methods and keep a record of the phone calls that matter.



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