Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Is It Safe to Use Facebook and Google to Log into Other Sites?

You visit a website for X, Y, or Z reason. In order to move further, you are asked to sign in using Facebook or Google account. You have no choice but to login into your Facebook or Google in order to proceed and complete the registration on the website.

Many times, you take a minute’s pause and think ‘is it safe to use Facebook and Google to log into other sites’.Well, if you too have had this question in mind, then continue reading further.

Why is Facebook or Google Account Needed to Log into Other Sites?

Suppose you visit a new website called You love watching sweet and cute kitty videos and wish to upload your dear cats videos as well. In order to do this, you need to create an account. And the account can be created if you log into your Google or Facebook account.

So, why do I need to do just that? Well, this way the website knows you are a real person with a real account. You are not just a bot trying to spam their website. When you choose either Facebook or Google, the will direct you to the either of the website. Here, you need to sign into your account and once you sign in on Facebook or Google page, you will be redirected to ‘’.

Don’t worry, ‘’ does not know your password and you can continue uploading and watching cute kitty pictures and videos without worry.

So, Where’s the Risk?

Now, nothing good comes without risk when online. Once you log in using either of your account, the website will be able to access some aspects of your personal information. This includes all the information that comes under your public profile. Your name, email address, and other details like contacts, wall posts, etc. will be accessible by the new website.

Although Facebook and Google have some control as to what is being shared with the third-party website, not sharing certain information may cause inconvenience to your account with that website.

Is it Safe to Share Login Using of Facebook and Google?

Well, in a way. You do not need to create a new account with a new password. It is one less account and password for you to manage. Also, even if you use password manger, you will keep creating a long list of password. Even if one of these password is hacked, it will become easy for the hackers to understand your pattern and break into other accounts. So, it wise to create one strong password and remember it.

Also, the security level of Facebook and Google is very strong, the best in the business. Whereas, websites such as ‘’ may not have such a strong security in place. So, can you trust a random website to keep your information safe? Well, I would bet on Facebook and Google to keep my login information safe rather than any random website.

In case gets hacked, it will prove to be a safe bet for you. Remember, does not have your password. The password is safe and sound with Facebook or Google. Thus, none of the important or sensitive information related to your account will be lost to hackers.

When you get bored of the website, all you need to do is revoke all their rights to access your data. Delete your account with them or log out. They will have to delete your account and all the information related to it.

There is always the two-factor authentication that makes sure only you and one else cis trying to access your information. Whenever you try to access your account you will need to verify your identity by entering the One Time Password sent to your registered mobile number. Without the OTP you or anyone else cannot move forward.

So, Do I Use it Or Not?

Well, it may not sound safe to put all your eggs in one basket. But, this can prove to be risky only if your Facebook or Google accounts get hacked. These big players have their security in place and there’s always the 2-factor authentication available. Just in case, the Facebook or Google accounts do get hacked, only then will it put all your other accounts at risk. Hackers will find it easy to target the individual accounts with less security options rather than just hit the strong players such as Google or Facebook.

Make sure you keep checking the privacy policy, update the security features of Facebook and Google, and give other websites access to the required information for login. Keep most of the data and posts on Facebook and Google private so that no unauthorized access can occur. Thus, it is rather safe to use Facebook and Google to log into other websites, rather than creating new accounts with different passwords. Managing one strong, unique, password is rather easy than maintaining many other passwords.



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