Thursday, 25 July 2019

How To View Saved Wi-Fi Passwords On Android and iOS

How To View Saved Wi-Fi Passwords On Android and iOS

Do you want to connect a new device to your Wi-Fi? Have you forgotten the Wi-Fi password you saved ages ago? Do not worry any more. We have a complete step-by-step guide covered in the following article.

This guide will teach you how to view saved Wi-Fi Passwords on Android and iOS devices.

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Many of us tend to forget the password saved for our Wi-Fi network. Once connected, most of the devices around the house never ask for the password again. It only when a new device such as laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc. appears, that we go scurrying around the house to find the password. There is a simple way to retrieve the password on Android and iOS device, without resetting your router. Let us learn how to view saved Wi-Fi passwords on Android and iOS.

Viewing Wi-Fi Passwords on Android

It is important to access the root files on your Android device. These roots files can be accessed if you have a file explorer installed on your device.
  • You need to download ES File Explorer on your Android device. The pre-installed file explorer cannot be used to access the root files.
  • Install ES File Explorer and open the app. Under Tools, scroll down to Root Explorer and enable it. Here you will be able to view a file directory data.
  • Click on Data --> Misc --> WiFi folder.
  • In WiFi folder search for a file name wpa_supplicant.conf. Open the file with any of the editors on your phone. 
  • Open it using the ES File Explorer’s built-in text/HTML viewer. In this you will be able to find the SSID network and their passwords.
  • Find your SSID or network name and find the password next to it.
Do not edit your file or else you might have problems connecting to your Wi-Fi network later on.

Viewing Wi-Fi Passwords on iOS

In order to retrieve Wi-Fi password on your iOS device, you need a jailbroken Apple device.
  • Download and install a nifty tweak called the Network list available at the Cydia store.
  • After installation go to the Wi-Fi settings on the device and you will find a new option ‘Network passwords’ or ‘Known passwords’. This depends on the version of your iOS device.
  • Tap on the option and you can see all the network passwords stored on your Apple device.
  • You cannot copy these on your Notepad. So just write it down on a paper or memorize the passwords.
These are simplest methods on how to view saved Wi-Fi passwords on Android and iOS devices.