Thursday, 18 July 2019

Reasons to Switch to Google Photos Over iCloud Photos

Reasons to Switch to Google Photos Over iCloud Photos

iCloud photos is a seamless option that helps you save and secure your photos. The one thing that iCloud lacks is free storage space. Once it crosses 5GB storage, you will need to purchase more space. Well, that is just the way Apple’s business model functions. You may not want to spend extra to purchase more storage when you have other cheaper or free options available. Once such cloud service that offers unlimited photo storage is Google Photos.

Let us check out some of the reasons to switch to Google photos over iCloud photos.

Why You Need to Switch Over to Google Photos Over iCloud Photos?

Google photos is any day better than iCloud photos according to us. If you are wondering what makes Google photos over iCloud photos before making the switch, then the followings will definitely convince to try it out.

1.Google Photos is Easy on the Pocket

The main reason many iPad or iPhone users prefer using Google photos is free storage up to 15GB. Beyond 15 GB you may need to choose a paid plan. For normal users like you and me, 15GB is more than enough. Professionals may require more than 15BG and they will find an account with Google Photos is much more affordable than with iCloud Photos.

2.More Storage for Free

Google Photos no doubt offers more free space as compared to iCloud Photos. You get 15GB free space with Google Photos and iCloud Photos offer you just 5GB free space. Google Photos users can store unlimited number of photos is you accept to store them at a reduced resolution up to 16 megapixels. Don’t worry about your picture quality as 16 megapixels is good enough to print a good quality 24x16 inches photograph.

3.Search for Photos in an Easy Way

Google Photos makes it very easy to search for your favorite photos from your library. It even scans your photo to understand what or who is in it. Thus, the next time you search for ‘Eiffel Tower’ or ‘My Cat’ you will get all the photographs containing these two objects in one go. In case of iCloud Photos, you need to search for a photo by date or manually. Thus, making it more difficult to find and time consuming activity.

4.Google Photos is Easily Accessible

Using Google Photos is makes life very easy for users who tend to use different devices or platforms to take or store photos. Google Photos makes it very easy to access photos on all these platforms and devices. You just need to create a single Google Photos account and save settings as ‘backup and sync’. This will allow you to access your photos anytime, anywhere from any device or platform. This means you can check your photos from iPhone, iPad, Android tablet/ smartphone, etc. in one place using Google Photos.

In case of iCloud Photos, it is not adaptable to various platforms and devices. Google Photos is therefore a better choice than iCloud Photos.

5.Share Your Photos Easily

In this case, it is difficult to decide which service has the upper hand. When it comes to sharing a photo, iCloud Photos makes it very easy. You can share photos on email and the recipient gets copies of the image file. Google Photos just shares the link that brings the person back to the web app. However, if you want to share your entire library, Google Photos is better than iCloud Photos in this case. It has Partner Accounts that helps you share the entire library with other users. And if another person shares their library with you, then you will have two sets of photos together in the app’s main view.

If you only want some of the photos to be shared in your library then you can select the only those photos you wish to share on Google Photos. iCloud Photos does have a Family Sharing feature. However, you need to manually add each photo in the shared album for the family to see.
You can definitely use both Google Photos and iCloud Photos simultaneously to save your photographs. iCloud Photos has better editing options than Google Photos. The bottom line is, if you are looking for a cheaper storage option with better storage space, then Google Photos is the one you need.



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