Thursday, 17 October 2019

FTP Server and Google Drive in Sync

Learn to Keep FTP Server and Google Drive in Sync

It is very easy to synchronize your folders on FTP server to other hard drives such as DropBox, OneDrive, as well as Google Drive. Let us learn to keep FTP server and Google Drive in sync in the following article.

How to Use FTP Server

As our digital treasure increases, we need to find more ways to store our important documents, images, videos, music, movies and other digital data. One of the best ways to store data online is putting it up on cloud storage network. This way you can access your data anytime, anywhere, from any device by log in into your device. The FTP server is a cloud storage service that users can sign up for in the FTP website. It allows the users to update or clone data to the FTP server for storage.

At times, one may need to sync their FTP folder to another FTP server or a cloud server such as Google Drive. The files one FTP server can be edited anytime. So, is it possible to change the data on the Google Drive as well simultaneously? Well, there is a way to sync the FTP folder and Google Drive automatically. Let us see how to keep FTP server and Google Drive in sync.

Synchronizing FTP server and Google Drive

There are different options that help you sync FTP folder with other cloud drives. This includes use of software such as Cyberduck (free) that works well for Mac and Windows. Or you could go in for Transmit (paid) for Mac users only.

If you are using a desktop application, then you could set up a task that will automatically monitor your FTP server and copy it to your Google Drive.

You need to go to an online automation service called the Microsoft Flow. You can use it for free and create unlimited workflows and each workflow runs every 15 minutes. Thus, it will simultaneously sync your Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox with FTP/SFTP servers.

1.Go to Microsoft Flow Connectors page and you need to activate the FTP/SFTP service.

2.Now, select the trigger that starts the workflow like for example ‘When a file is added to the FTP server’.

3.You have to specify the host address as well as username and password for the FTP server. In case of SFTP, you may also have to specify the SSH private key and passphrase.

4.You will now need to specify the full path of the folder on the FTP server that needs to be monitored for new files.

5.Now click ‘Add an Action’ for the new step and select Google Drive from the connector list. You need to set action as ‘Create File’.

6.You will need to select the folder where the files need to be saved, give it a file name, file content fields from the list of available files and match it with the incoming file name and content.

7.Save your workflow and carry out a test work flow to see if the changes are being saved automatically.

This is all you need to keep FTP server and Google Drive in sync.



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