Thursday, 17 October 2019

How to Upload Desktop Folders to Google Drive?

We all know have those important files and folders on our work computer that may have to be accessed during an emergency. If you are travelling or maybe even in the same building away from your computer, you may suddenly have the need to access that single folder lying on your desktop screen. This problem can be solved by uploading your individual desktop folders to Google Drive.

In this article, we shall learn how to upload desktop folders to Google Drive. Read on and save your folders on Google Drive and be able to access then from anywhere.

Upload Desktop Folders to Google Drive

One can upload files and folders to Google Drive and can view, share, as well as edit files. The types of files you can upload on Google Drive include documents, images, audio as well as videos.

You can upload folders from your computer from or your desktop itself. When you upload files, you can place them in private or shared folders. Thus, your files can be saved for your eyes only or you can grant permission to others who you choose to view and edit your folders.

Drag and Save

1. Go to from your browser

2.Login into your Google account

3.Open or create a folder on Google Drive

4.Select the files and folders on your desktop and drag them to the Google Drive folder you created

Backup and Sync

1.A new application called Backup and Sync can be downloaded on your Windows or Mac PC and used to backup and sync your folders on desktop automatically to Google Drive.

2.You need to go to and select the Mac or Windows PC.

3.Click the tab that says Download Backup and Sync.

4.You will be asked to read the Terms of Service and if you agree click on Agree and Download.

5.Once downloaded, open installbackupandsync.exe

6.A window will pop up asking you if you want the program to make changes to the computer. Click on Yes

7.You may need to restart your computer, go ahead and restart it.

8.Sign into your Google account and choose the sync settings. Now, click Next.

9.You have different sync options such as:

  • What to sync to Google Drive
  • What to sync from Google Drive
  • Sync USB devices & SD cards

Which files are not be synced

With the help of these settings you can upload desktop folders to Google Drive. Thus, not just your folders and files are saved without the fear of accidently deleting them, but can also be viewed, edited, or shared from any device, anywhere, any time by login into your Google Account.




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