Friday, 17 January 2020

Access the Routers Web-based Setup Page

How to Access the Router’s Web-based Setup Page

Accessing the router’s web-based setup page helps you configure the important advanced settings on your device. It may sound complicated, but it is very easy to access the router’s web-based setup page. In this manual, we shall quickly cover information that will help you access a router’s web-based setup page.

Connecting the Router to Your Computer

Before we see how to access the web-based setup page, it is important to know how to connect your router to your computer. You need to turn on the power of your router and use an Ethernet wire and connect it to the computer on one end and the other end should be connected to the router in any of the Ethernet ports (1, 2, 3, or 4).

Getting On With the Web-based Setup Page

Once you connect the computer to the router, turn on the power of your router and computer. Open any web browser such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

In the address bar, type the default IP address of your router. In most cases, the default IP address is or

You will be asked for a username and password. The default username for most router’s is admin and the default password is admin or need to be kept blank. In case you have changed the default username and password, you will need to enter the details you have saved.

Tip: If you have forgotten the username and password, then you need to reset your router. You can do so by pressing a tiny button on the router for 20 to 30 secs. This will reset the router. Note, resetting will remove all your saved settings and your router will be as good as a new device. The default username and password will be printed on the device itself or you can find it in the user manual.

After you get access to the router web-based setup page, you can start changing the settings as per your needs. You can go to Wireless and change the name of your Network ID or go to Security and change the password/passcode. Make sure you keep the network security on WEP/WPA2.

As you keep looking at the different tabs, you can change the settings as required. Make sure you click on Save after you finish. This is all about how to access the router web-based setup page. 


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