Wednesday, 15 January 2020

High Usage of CPU and RAM in Windows 10

Quick Fix Solutions to Reduce the High Usage of CPU and RAM in Windows 10

Windows 10 update has led to many problems related to unaccepted memory leaks. This problem is related to the ntoskrnl.exe and Runtime Broker system processes. It leads to increase in RAM and CPU usage during PC boot ups.

The culprit is found to be a bug that tends to bloat the RAM and leak the memory during the process. Normally, a laptop or PC needs to use about 30% of RAM and 40% of CPU when not many apps are involved. However, Windows 10 is problematic, as it tends to use up 80 to 90% of the RAM and 85% of the CPU. Thus, many users often experience a hang phase of their computer that requires frequent rebooting of the PC/laptop.

Let us have a look at some fix solutions to reduce the high usage of CPU and RAM in Windows 10.

1.Try the Registry Hack

All you need to do is press WinK + R. Type in ‘Regedit’ and hit Enter. Now go to ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management’ and find ‘ClearPageFileAtShutDown’. Here, change the value to 1 and restart your computer.

2.Disabling the Start Up Apps and Services

Many apps and services running at the time of start up in the background may lead to RAM and CPU problems. So, you need to stop these apps and services from running at start up. Go to Open Task Manager and click on Startup. You will find a list of apps or services that run at start up. Just click on the particular app or service and click on Disable.

3.Disabling Superfetch

A few Windows 10 services tend to drain your CPU resources. If you disable these services, then your CPU usage will decrease greatly. Go to:

Task Manager ->File->Run new task. In Create new task dialog box type ‘services.msc’. Click OK.

An huge list of Windows services will open up and you need to look for Superfetch. Right click and go to properties. Here look for ‘Startup type’ and change it to ‘Disabled’. Click OK.

Similarly, you can even disable other services such as ‘Background Intelligent Transfer Service Properties’ or ‘Windows Search Properties’.

4.Disable ‘OK Google’ in Chrome and ‘Hey Cortana’

Chrome may be one of the fastest browsers out there, but it tends to hog on resources. So, you need to disable the OK Google feature by”

Chrome Settings-> Search-> uncheck ‘Enable OK Google to start a voice search’.

It is also necessary to disable the ‘Hey Cortana’ by:

Open Coratana-> hamburger menu-> Notebook-> Settings-> Turn off ‘Hey Cortana’.

5.Adjust Windows 10

You can adjust Windows 10 for best performance by:

Right Click Computer icon-> Select Properties -> Advanced System settings-> System properties-> Settings-> Adjust for best performance-> Apply.

Click on OK and restart your computer for better performance.

6.Defragment of Hard Drives

You need to press WinK + R and type ‘dfrgui’. Press enter and in the new window that opens up click in the hard drives you wish to defragment. Click ‘Optimize’ and just follow the instructions on screen. Once done, restart your computer.

7.Disable Windows Spotlight

The stunning wallpapers from Bing are available on Windows 10 due to Windows Spotlight. It tends to take up a lot of background resources and thus, it is better to disable it.

Settings -> Personalization -> Lockscreen and change Windows Spotlight to a Picture.

8.Fix the ntoskrnl.exe Process

The first step is to use a good antivirus and clean your computer. Then update the faulty and outdated drivers. Now, disable the Runtime Broker by:

Start Menu-> Settings app-> Open System-> Notifications & Actions. Deselect option ‘Show me tips about Windows’ and restart the computer.

These are some quick fix solutions to reduce the high usage of CPU and RAM in Windows 10. These methods will definitely optimize your PC’s performance and improve the CPU and memory usage in Windows 10.



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